How To Make a Rag Doll

Dolls are known to be a child’s best friend. When you were a child, you surely had one favorite doll whose eyelashes were all curled up and who had the most kissable lips and gorgeous hair. Dolls usually come in all shapes, sizes and costumes. They serve as a child’s security when there is confusion around. Sometimes, even adults collect dolls that they display in their rooms transporting them to that time when they were children themselves. There are even sports dolls found in a men’s room. Rummage through any toy box of a niece or a family relative and you will surely see a doll there. But do you know that you can make your own doll and tailor-fit it according to your favorite colors, sizes, shapes and costumes? Since this doll would be made of extra pieces of cloths and extra yarns and other accessories that are no longer needed, we can call this a rag doll.

Rag dolls are easy to make. They can come in all sorts of sizes and materials depending upon the availability of accessories and improvise materials that you are able to gather. The basics in making a rag doll are a pattern, the cloth or fabric and the stuffing that you would use. You need not buy the clothes anymore because you can utilize whatever is in your closet. In fact, you can accessorize your rag doll using your own set of hairpins and colored rubber bands and other gold trinkets to make it more unique.

You need to start by making a drawing of a rectangle on paper for the doll’s body. Then, draw a circle on one short end of the rectangle, which is the position of the head. You need to place the pattern on the kind of fabric that you will use, with the right sides facing. Next, you need to execute around the pattern. Then, you can begin to sew on the lines that you’ve drawn and leave the bottom part of the body unstitched. You then have to cut the body out a 1/4 inch away from the stitched lines that you have drawn. Turn the corners and then flip it right side out. This is now the time to stuff the head and body firmly with the kind of stuffing you have chosen. Then close the open part.

You can make whatever rag doll you fancy. You can use the fabric similar to that of stockings, which will stand as the legs. You need to make the legs and arms proportionate with each other. Now you are ready to attach the legs to the body by giving an allowance of ¼ inch seam. Stuff the legs and then close the ends. That gives you all the essential elements of your rag doll using inexpensive materials you did not even have to buy. Teaching your kids how to make rag dolls can instill in them a love for creativity and a yearning to start their own business in the future.


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