How To Make a Remote Control Caddy

Make the man of the house feel extra special by giving him a thoughtful present you made yourself. Whether it is Father’s Day, his birthday, or when the holiday is just around the corner, what man wouldn’t want a remote control caddy where he can organize all his trusty remote controls in one accessible place? Be his angel this year and learn how to make a remote control caddy for him.  Just follow these few easy steps:

  1. For this project, you will need the following materials: wooden boards (at least half an inch thick), hammer, pencils, measuring tape or ruler, wood glue, sandpaper, old newspaper, white glue, varnish, some nails, a hand drill, screws and brass cabinet handles. The idea here is to make a rustic looking remote control caddy.
  2. Decide how high, deep and wide you want your caddy to be. Be sure it’s the size that will fit all the remote controls in the house. One way to figure out the perfect measurements for your caddy is to pick a small square or rectangular box that will fit all the remotes in the house. Nothing should stop you however from customizing the size of the caddy.
  3. Do the math. Plan the side of each piece of the caddy. You will need at least five pieces: four pieces to serve as the sides and the base piece of your caddy. The base piece should be the biggest piece.  Make the necessary allowance for the thickness of the wood. Remember, the idea is to make a wooden box with one open end to serve as the remote caddy.
  4. After deciding the height, depth and width of your caddy, it’s time to draw the pieces which you will be putting together on the wood using your pencil and ruler or measuring tape. 
  5. Cut the wooden board according to the plan.
  6. Try assembling the boards into the form of a box with one open end to make sure all the pieces go together.
  7. Sand all the pieces well, paying particular attention to surface and edges.
  8. Put the box together, using the wood glue. After the glue dries, reinforce portions where the pieces meet with nails.
  9. Decorate the box. With a brush or your fingers, apply a liberal amount of white glue all over the outside surface of the box then stick the newspaper on. The classifieds portion of the newspaper will look good on the caddy. Flatten the newspaper, making sure you get the air bubbles out. Then let it dry.
  10. Apply a coat of varnish all over the surfaces and insides of the box. Let the varnish dry.
  11. Attach the brass cabinet handles on the opposite sides of the caddy using the hand drill and screws.

After following the above steps on how to make a remote control caddy, you will have a personalized remote caddy. You can actually skip the step on covering the caddy with newspaper but instead stain the wood (or not) then proceed to varnish the caddy.


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