How To Make a Reusable Grocery Sack

After a single or a few uses, plastic bags get discarded and wind up as trash or in the bellies of innocent animals.  There is a growing awareness of the adverse impact of modern living on the environment and ultimately, on the human population. People are now searching for means to reduce their waste and be more eco-friendly. One of the ways you can follow this trend is to learn how to make a reusable grocery sack made of materials you already have in your own home. Here are a few useful tips on how to go about it:

  1. For this project, you will need the following materials: a sturdy piece of cloth you can use as a grocery sack like an old pillowcase, old blanket, shirts, wide-legged denim pants or jackets, or old towels. In addition, you will also need a sewing machine, ruler and measuring tape, scissors and thread, pins and a big brown grocery paper bag with a base.
  2. Make a template for the body of the grocery sack using paper grocery bag. You can use the big variety with a flat base which allows the bag to stand. Conversely, you also can opt to use the smaller ones.  The size depends on how big you would like your reusable grocery bag to be. Cut a side of the paper bag open, then the base. The template piece should have six sides. Mark the sides you cut. You will sew the actual sack along these sides later. Set the template piece aside for a while.
  3. Make the straps of your bag by measuring two strips of 2.25 by 34 inches directly on the cloth.
  4. Cut the cloth following the template piece. Cut the pieces for the straps. Do not worry if your cloth is not big enough for the template. You can simply sew another piece of cloth onto it so you can get the right size.
  5. To make sure the edges of the sack won’t fringe, sew hemlines on the fringed portions of the cloth.
  6. To make the body of your back, simply sew together the edges of the cloth on your sewing machine. Sew along the sides you previously cut when you were making the paper bag template.
  7. Sew the straps of your bag. Take one piece, right side of the cloth facing you and fold the cloth lengthwise. Secure the fold of the entire piece with pins so it won’t move when you run it on the sewing machine later. Do the same to the other piece. Adjust the length of the straps to suit the size of the bag you made.
  8. Sew along the 34 inch length of the open edge of the straps. Remove the pins after sewing. Sew one two inch side closed. Turn the strap inside out, using a pencil or pen to turn the cloth right side out. Sew the opening close. Do the same to the other strap.
  9. Draw small squares on each end of the straps. Sew the straps securely on the outside portion of the bag, following the squares you drew on each end.  

Crafting a reusable grocery sack is quite easy. If you do not know how to sew using a sewing machine, you can use an old pillowcase and hand-sew straps on.


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