How To Make a Reversible Fleece Fringe Blanket

Fleece fabrics are probably the easiest fabrics to work on. Besides being warm and soft to the touch, the fabrics don’t fray at the edges rendering you lesser work on sewing them. This is the simplest project you can complete in an hour or two. This project is a reversible fleece blanket and it means you should use two fleece fabric designs. Fringes are decorative designs at the edges of the blanket that usually are hanging strips, cords or threads. In making the reversible fringed fleece blanket, here are the things you should have:

  • 2 pieces of fleece fabric – Use a yard if you’re making a small blanket, a bigger blanket will take 2 yards and the biggest one will consume 3 yards. You should buy two different designs – it won’t matter if both have designs or are plain colored.
  • Sharp scissors
  • Sewing machine (this is optional)

Now these are the steps in making the reversible fleece blanket:

  • Cut your fabric in the same size and shape. Lay the fleece fabric on a flat surface with one fabric on top of the other. Cut the fabric into the size you desired. Be sure you are using sharp scissors because fleece fabric doesn’t need to be sewn together anymore. But if you cut it improperly, the edges would look unfinished and it wouldn’t look nice.
  • Lay the fleece fabrics together. With the wrong side up, lay the first piece of fabric on the sewing table. Next, lay the second fabric on top of the first one but this time, the right side of the fabric is facing you. Be sure both fabrics are of the same size. If they aren’t, cut the edges some more to make both fabrics at equal sizes.
  • Sew the edges of the fabric. This is an optional step. Do this only if you want to have extra holds on the blanket. You can sew the perimeter of the blanket at least 2 and half inches from the edge. Those parts of the edges would be fringes.
  • Cut the edges into strips for fringes. Unless you have sewn the two fabrics together, pin the fabrics together to prevent them from moving. Within the 2 and a half inch spaces from the edges, cut strips at the same length deep and a half an inch each. Remember you are cutting two fabrics at the same time, so cut them straight and clean.
  • Start the fringe edges. Start making fringes by tying one strip from each of the fabric into a knot. Be sure you are tying two different strips and the strips should be those on top of the other. Secure the knot well especially if you didn’t sew the two fabrics together before doing the fringes. Work your way from one pair of strips to another until you have completely fringed the perimeter of the fabrics.

If you’re planning to give these fleece blankets as gifts for the holidays, get the designs of the fabric that is appropriate for the occasion. The best reversible blanket would be using one fabric with a design and another of plain color. This will highlight the pattern or the design and if you want to use a simpler design just reverse the blanket and use the plain colored side. Enjoy and stay warm!


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