How To Make a Ribbon Bouquet

Tossing the wedding bouquet into the waiting hands of the bridesmaids and single ladies is a quintessential wedding tradition. If you want to keep your pretty wedding bouquet instead of throwing it to the crowd of eager bridesmaids, why don’t you throw a ribbon bouquet instead? You don’t have to shell out a lot of money for a ribbon bouquet if you know how to make a ribbon bouquet yourself—something you will learn to do by reading the steps below:

  1. Collect the ribbons and bows on your bridal gifts or old gift ribbons in your closet, if you’re in the habit of keeping and reusing them.
  2. Using packaging tape, attach the bows on one side of a paper plate or round cardboard cut-out. Arrange the bows according to color or size, letting long ribbons flow freely on one side, as in a traditional wedding bouquet.
  3. Still using packaging tape, attach a rectangular piece of cardboard at the bottom as the handle of your make-shift ribbon bouquet.

If you want a fancier ribbon bouquet:

  1. Prepare: a spool of ribbon (material, color and width of your choice), a bouquet holder, florist wire, florist tape and a cutter or scissors.
  2. Cut about six inches of florist wire.
  3. Pull about a foot of ribbon. Putting the ribbon between your middle or forefinger and thumb, let about six inches or longer of ribbon free.
  4. Form a loop with the free end of the ribbon and hold the loop.
  5. Twist the long end of the ribbon into a loop opposite the first one you made using your free hand.
  6. Continue making loops of the same size, alternately on each side of the two initial loops you made until you form a flower ribbon bow.
  7. Secure the loops with the piece of florist wire and twist until you form the “stem” of the bow.
  8. Wrap the “stem” with floral tape.
  9. Make several bows then arrange and attach them onto a bouquet holder. Make sure to fill in the gaps on the holder to make your bouquet look pretty.

To create ribbon roses, you’ll need a spool of ribbon 3 inches in width, needle and thread of the same color as the ribbon, wire and scissors following these steps:

  1. Thread your needle with matching thread.
  2. Holding the end of the ribbon, fold the end over to create a triangle then hold the triangle you just made.
  3. Wrap the free end of the ribbon halfway under then over the first triangle and create a second triangle, then hold with the other hand. Each “triangle” will be the petal of your rose. Repeat until you have the desired size of your rose ribbon, then cut of the remaining ribbon.
  4. Carefully turning the rose over, push the threaded needle down the center of the rose and pull. Make several stitches to secure the rose.
  5. Take about 6 inches of wire, fold it in half and push the ends through the top center of the ribbon. The wire should come out at the bottom of the rose. Twist the wire until you create the stem.
  6. Make several roses until you fill the bouquet holder with them.

There you have it: the steps on how to make a ribbon bouquet for your wedding. Whether you want a fancy or simple ribbon bouquet, the steps you need are covered here.


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