How To Make a Ringbearer Pillow

Even with just the basic know-how on running a sewing machine or the patience to hand-sew, it is easy to learn how to make a ring bearer pillow.  Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Get the materials ready. Prepare the same white fabric or a similar fabric to match the fabric of your dress, measuring nine inches square. Silk and satin are some of the best choices for a ring bearer pillow. You will also need, white thread, lace, white ribbons and small embellishments like white cloth flowers, fiber filling, a glue stick, a glue gun, a ring box, pins, an electric machine, a pair of scissors and a cloth marker or crayon. The amount of lace, ribbon and other embellishments will depend on how you want to decorate your ring bearer pillow.
  2. With your ruler and fabric marker, measure a 9 by 9 inch square on the wrong side of your chosen fabric. Measure a 7 by 7 inch square of lace and four 7 inch pieces of thin white ribbon. Use a ruler, fabric cutting board, and fabric marking pen in marking and measuring two equal squares of fabric. Markings must be made on the fabric’s wrong side. Make sure that the marks will fade eventually. Use a scrap of the pillow fabric to ensure that the marks will fade.
  3. Cut the fabrics, lace and ribbon according to the measurements above.
  4. Place the lace square in the middle of the right side one of the 9 inch fabrics and pin it in place. Run it on the sewing machine or hand-sew along the sides of the lace.
  5. Glue or sew the ribbon on the edges of the lace. You can embellish the corners of the lace square with white cloth flowers or tiny charms.
  6. Instead of the lace square with a ribbon border, you can also embellish the fabric with embroidery before proceeding with step number seven.
  7. You can add lace ruffles or gather a thick white lace ribbon to form ruffles around your ring-bearer pillow. Pin the right side of the lace ruffle on the fabric’s right side which you intend to use as the top surface of the pillow. If you are using regular ribbon lace, gather them loosely as you pin it onto the fabric. Make sure you put the pins a good distance away from the edge where you will be sewing the pieces of fabric together.
  8. Sew the lace onto the fabric, a quarter of an inch margin from the sides.
  9. Pin the other 9 inch fabric, right side facing the right side of the fabric with lace.
  10. Using a sewing machine, sew the pillow, leaving one side open, half an inch away from the edges of the fabric.
  11. Turn the pillow to its right side. Insert the fiber filling to stuff the pillow until it is nice and plump.
  12. Carefully hand or machine stitch the open side closed.
  13. With your glue gun, carefully glue the ring box at the center of the lace square. Before gluing the ring box onto the pillow, you can cover it in matching fabric and embellish it.

Now that you know how to make a ring bearer pillow, you don’t have to spend extra money for the more expensive ones you can find in the mall. By modifying the suggestions above and with creativity, you will be able to make a cute and unique pillow.


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