How To Make a Rope-Wrapped Flowerpot

Do it yourself projects are becoming more and more famous because of the extent of customization and artistry that you can inject in your DIY projects. These are also excellent choices for people who are looking for cheap ways to enhance their homes. One of the basic items that you should try out is a rope-wrapped flowerpot that you can use to accentuate the dining table, living room, or your own bedroom. Here are the procedures you need to follow.

  1. What you need. For this project, prepare decorative ropes or twines. You can also use specialty cords that can be bought from gift shops. The rope will be the base design for your flower pot, so choose carefully. You will also need a glue stick and glue gun, a flower pot or some used tins. Bring in some silk flowers and other embellishments as well.
  2. Glue the rope to the base of the pot. To begin, take the glue gun and run a stream of hot glue on the bottom of the flower pot’s exterior. This should run through the entire circumference of the flower pot. Place the cord or rope over the glue, until the bottom section of the pot is covered. Wait for a few minutes for the glue to harden and the rope to stick into the pot.
  3. Wrap your way up. Once the glue has set, wind the cord over the pot, in a spiraling horizontal fashion. For a no-frills basic design, you should make sure that the cord has no minor bumps or distortions since these will be magnified as you work your way up on the pot. A small curve on the base can have a ripple effect that will affect the other layers in the pot.
  4. Add designs. On the other hand, you can also purposefully include small notches and bumps into the cord, which will allow you to create waves and other patterns as you work your way up the pot. Add glue occasionally, to ensure that the cord is held tightly in place. Wind the cord as tight as possible, as well, to further secure the cord on the flower pot. You can also add buttons and other small trinkets onto the surface of the pot, which can act as decorations for your flower pot. You can also glue on small flat stones onto the surface of the pot, to give the rope wrap some texture.
  5. Finishing touches. Once you rope has reached the top of the flower pot, use some hot glue to secure the end in place. Add some water or soil into the pot if you will use it to hold fresh or living flowers and plants. You can also add Styrofoam which will allow you to place silk flowers into the pot. As finishing touches, add ribbons or other decorative embellishments into the flower pot.

Decorating your home can be fun and inexpensive. With the ability to create your own rope-wrapped flower pot, this is easy. You can also use the rope wrap technique on other decorative items such as small boxes for holding your accessories, or on decorative vases.


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