How To Make a Rosebud Wreath

The holidays are fast approaching, and one of the best ways for you to decorate your home is through a rosebud wreath. Whether for hanging in the doorway or as a décor in your living room, the rosebud wreath adds special warmth that will make your home even more inviting as the winter winds blow outside. Here are the procedures to creating your own wreath.

  1. Prepare the grapevine wreath and Spanish moss. To create a warm rosebud wreath, you need Spanish moss and grapevine wreaths. The grapevine wreath is already shaped in a circle, and will act as the canvas for your rosebud wreath. The only processing that the grapevine wreath needs is a few minor adjustments, since the tangle of branches can sometimes become misaligned. For the Spanish moss, you need to make sure that there are no insects caught between the leaves especially if you are using real Spanish moss. Twist the Spanish moss into the grapevine wreath until you are able to create the design that you want. Use small pins or thin wires to lock the Spanish moss into place.
  2. Glue in the rose buds. For the rosebuds, you can use real roses or silk rose buds. The real roses are naturally scented and can bring added appeal to your wreath. The rosebuds, however, will not last throughout the entire holidays. You can work around this, however, by using silk roses. Add perfume to keep the silk rosebuds scented. Arrange the rosebuds onto the wreath, and use hot glue to keep them in place. Silk flowers sometimes have wires at the edge that you can use to attach them to the grapevine wreath.
  3. Add other embellishments. Other decorative pieces that you can attach to the rosebud wreath are ribbons and small Christmas balls. The same decorative pieces that can be attached to Christmas trees will usually work for the wreaths. When it comes to decorating the wreath, your imagination is the limit. You can use as many rosebuds as you want to create an extravagant and festive wreath, or you can go minimalist and let the Spanish moss become an equally powerful element in the wreath.
  4. Secure the wreath for hanging. On the top of the grapevine wreath, add a ribbon or tie that you can use to hang the wreath. The wreath can also be placed on top of the fireplace with the use of corner stands. If you have a large corner stand from an old picture frame, you can use this to set up the wreath.
  5. Other variations. There are many other ways to decorate and create your rosebud wreath. Apart from grapevine, you can simply use wires to create a frame that can be covered with Spanish moss and rosebuds. The advantage of using wire wreaths is that you have more control of the shape of the wreath. You can create heart shaped rosebud wreaths or star shaped Christmas wreaths.

For the many Christmas parties and for the New Year dinner with family and friends, a rosebud wreath is the best decorative piece that will warmly welcome your guests into your home.


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