How To Make a Round Tablecloth

Table setting in a restaurant

Can't find the perfect tablecloth for your holiday gathering? If you need a round tablecloth and can't find what you're looking for, consider creating what you need on your own. Follow these steps to make a round tablecloth at home.

  1. Measure the table. Once you know the table you want to cover you will need two measurements, the diameter of the table surface and the height of the table. If you want a tablecloth that reaches the floor, add the diameter to twice the height. If you want a tablecloth that hangs over two feet on each side, then add the diameter plus four. Then add an extra two inches to your total. This measurement is the diameter of the piece of fabric you will need.
  2. Prepare the fabric. If you are purchasing the fabric from a fabric store you should be able to tell them that you are making a round tablecloth and if your table isn't too big, they can provide you with a piece of fabric that is folded into a square or a rectangle so that the tablecloth can be made from only one or two pieces of fabric.
  3. Sew the panels together. If you need more than one piece of fabric, then sew the panels together to form a square. The width of the square should equal the diameter of your measurements in step one.
  4. Fold the fabric. Fold the square of fabric in half on the diagonal, then in half again. You should have a square that is four layers thick. The center corner is the one with no open sides. This is the center of your tablecloth.
  5. Trace the arc. Use a piece of string that is one-half the diameter of your tablecloth. Attach the string to a fabric pen. Then hold one end of the string at the center fold and pull the other end taut. Draw an arc at this length from one side of the fabric to the other using the string as a guide.
  6. Cut out the pattern. Follow the arc you've drawn and cut out the pattern.
  7. Sew the hem. Fold the outside inch of fabric under and pin it. Work your way around the entire circle of the tablecloth to create a one inch hem. Once the entire hem is pinned into place, sew the hem.
  8. Add any decoration or finishing touches (optional). You have completed the basic round tablecloth. If you want to add a ribbon trim, fringe or any decorative elements, add them at this time. Then iron the tablecloth flat and it is ready to use.

With a little sewing aptitude and some free time you can make a round tablecloth. Feel free to experiment with the look and fabrics until you find the best option for your home décor.


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