How To Make a Rubber Band Catapult

Catapults were used in wars in early times. Projectiles were thrown using the catapults to attack the enemies from a great distance. There are mini catapults sold which are used for display. Some even use these for playing. You can try making your own catapult. You can use materials that are readily available at home like rubber bands. The steps are easy to follow so you will have your own catapult to play with in just a few minutes.

Here are the steps you need to do to make a rubber band catapult.

  • Find the materials that you will use in making this project. The materials that you will need in making a rubber band catapult are rubber bands, 2 chopsticks, 1 plastic spoon, 1 small plastic box, glue and 1 wooden clothespin. These are usually available around the house so make sure to search for these so you don’t have to buy.
  • Attach the chopsticks on the small plastic box. Get the small plastic box and 1 chopstick. Glue the chopstick on one side of the small plastic box so that the chopstick will pass on the opposite corners of the side of the box. The pointed part of the chopstick should go up. Get another chopstick and glue it on the other side of the small plastic box so it will pass on the opposite corners of the side of the box where you attached it. The pointed part of the chopstick should also go up. The chopsticks should now be parallel with each other. The end of the chopsticks on the bottom part should only be a few inch away from the corner of the box and the upper end should have more space from the upper corner of the box.
  • Put rubber band on the chopsticks. Put some rubber bands at the bottom part of one chopstick and attach the other end of the rubber bands to the other chopstick. Do this on the upper part of the chopsticks, just above the edge of the box. Attach the clothespin to the upper part of the rubber band on top. The other end of the clothespin should be pointed at the bottom part. Put rubber bands on the chopsticks placing these only a few inches away from the top end of the chopsticks.
  • Insert the spoon on the rubber bands. Get the plastic spoon and insert the end of the handle in the middle of the rubber bands on the top. Once the handle is properly placed, hold the other end of the plastic spoon (the part where food is put when eating) and insert it in the middle of the rubber bands on the center of the catapult.

You now have your easy to make rubber band catapult. Get a marble or a small stone so you can use it as your projectile. If you have small toy soldiers, you can arrange these on one area and pretend that these are your enemies. Use your rubber band catapult and aim to the direction of the toy soldiers and see how well you aim. Pull the end of the clothespin so the projectile will be released. Be careful when playing as this may hurt your pet or kids. Make sure that they are not around when playing with your catapult.


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