How To Make a Rubber Band Helicopter

Aircrafts are fascinating inventions making it possible for people to fly in the sky. Aircraft toys were produced and became favorites not only to kids but also with adults. A helicopter is one of the most famous aircraft toys. Buying a helicopter toy will cost you money. If you want to have a helicopter toy but you don’t want to spend money for it, you can make your own helicopter made from rubber band and other materials that you can find at home.

Here are the steps on how to make a rubber band helicopter.

  • Prepare the materials. These include a rubber band, plastic bead, drinking straw, straight pin, 10 inches wire hook, glue, two bamboo strips (8 inch), stiff paper and clear tape.
  • Create rectangles and attach to bamboo sticks. Get your stiff paper and cut four 1x2 ½ rectangles. These will serve as the blades of your helicopter. Get 1 bamboo stick and glue one rectangle on one of its end. Get another rectangle and paste it on the other end. Make sure that one rectangle is on top of the stick and the other one is at the bottom of the stick. Get the other bamboo stick and glue the remaining rectangles on both ends making sure that one is on top of the stick and the other one is at the bottom.
  • Create the top rotor. Get the wire and cut 1 ½ inch of this. Make a loop on one end of the small wire. Insert the other end of the small wire through the plastic bead then bend the wire to the right. The plastic bead should be a bit larger than the circumference of the straw. Get one bamboo stick with the rectangles and glue this on the wire you bent.
  • Insert wire in the straw. Get the straw and insert the remaining wire with hook. Put a rubber band on the hook. Insert the wire until only the tip of the rubber band is showing on one end of the straw. Get a pin and push it through the straw and rubber band.
  • Make the bottom rotor. Get the remaining bamboo stick and glue the center to the tip of the rubber band. Get the tape and use it to attach the rectangles to the pin. Pull the long wire until you see the other end of the rubber band on top of the straw. Remove the long wire and attach the rubber band on the loop of the wire attached to the plastic bead.

Your rubber band helicopter is now complete. You can make it fly by holding the bottom part of the straw with your index finger and thumb. Hold the part above the top rotor. While holding the bottom part with one hand, twist the top rotor with your other hand so that the rubber band inside the straw will be fully twisted. Once the rubber band is full twister, let go of your helicopter and it will fly.


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