How To Make a Rubber Glove Balloon

Small children instantly love balloons. The balloons are light and very fun to play with, and are very inexpensive as well. One of the variants of the simple round balloon is the rubber glove balloon. Here are the steps to creating your own rubber glove balloon.

  1. Stretch the glove. Rubber gloves are very pliant and usually come in one-size-fits-all sizes that will accommodate a variety of hand sizes. However, the rubber glove will be stretched significantly beyond its size when air is blown into the glove. The pressure and tension on the gloves can cause the balloon to explode. To prevent this, you need to prepare the glove first. Take each finger from the balloon and slowly stretch it out. You should also take palms of the gloves and knead it outwards with your fingers. This will make the gloves more pliant when it air is blown in.
  2. Tie the holes. Once the rubber glove has been prepared for inflation, tie the main opening of the glove. Take a small scissor and cut a small hole in one of the fingers of the glove. You will inflate the rubber gloves through the smaller hole, where it will be easier for you to control the air that you are blowing into the balloon.
  3. Inflate slowly. Inflate the rubber balloon slowly. Blowing too hard into the rubber glove can cause the surface to rip and explode. Rubber can be very painful, especially when the overstretched surface hits your face. To inflate the rubber gloves, you can blow with your own mouth, or use a pump. The pump is safer since it will keep the balloon away from your face and eyes. Pumps can also be equipped with a helium tank that will allow the balloon to float in air.
  4. Tie the knot. Once the balloon has been inflated, tie the knot. There are balloon sticks that come with small attachments in the edge that will allow you to tie the knot by simply folding the balloon opening along the holes in the rubber balloon stamp. Or, you can simply tie the balloon into itself. Be careful, however, so that the rubber glove will not become overstretched. This can cause the balloon to rupture.
  5. Design the balloon. Decorating your own rubber glove balloon can be done in a variety of ways. You can tie the thumb with the forefinger of the glove, so that the balloon will create an ‘OK’ sign when inflated. You can also connect to rubber fingers from two separate rubber gloves together, to create a pair. Once the balloon is inflated, you can also use organic markers to create designs on the surface of the balloon. Make sure that you do not use alcohol based markers, however, since these have compounds that can weaken the surface of the rubber glove balloon and cause it to explode. Do not use pointed markers as well, which can puncture the balloon.

Whether for a birthday party or just to indulge your child on a lazy summer afternoon, a rubber glove balloon is one of the inexpensive toys that your child can play with. With these easy steps, making your own is easy.


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