How To Make a Rugby Shirt

For a rugby fan, one of the best ways to show support is by wearing a rugby shirt that shows off the team that you favor. With the number of rugby teams available, however, finding a shirt that endorses the team you like may be difficult, especially if you are rooting for a local team that has not yet made it to the big league. Here are the steps to creating your own rugby shirt.

  1. Purchase a blank shirt. There are plenty of Rugby shirt retailers that will allow you to purchase blank shirts. These blank shirts are not necessarily empty, however, but simply do not have logos sewn into the shirt. These blank shirts come in a variety of colors and designs. Check for a shirt that mimics the team logo as closely as possible. For example, a team logo that is colored green will fit well with a green rugby shirt. These shirts also have other detail variations, such as patterns, lines, and prints.
  2. Get the logo. Once you have the shirt, get the team logo. More popular teams will sometimes sell the logos. You can check out the internet as well to find logos for a variety of rugby teams. If there are none available, however, you can also have an embroidery maker for creating the logo. Embroidered logos are tougher, and have the added advantage of texture. You can, however, simply use cloth paints to create the logo yourself. This is especially useful for crafty people who can render simple logos accurately. Let the fabric paint dry, and cut out the logo. As much as possible, use thick fabrics that will not bleed when paint is applied.
  3. Sew on the logo. The next step is to sew on the logo onto the blank Rugby shirt. Keep in mind that you should not directly paint on top of the blank Rugby shirt since the shirt may have stripes and other design details that can create unwanted distortions on the logo. Use double stitching to secure the logo. The logos can be placed either on the sleeves of the Rugby shirt, and on the chest. If you have spare logos, you can also attach these on the edges of the collar.
  4. Check out customized Rugby shirt retailers. Another option that you can try out is to contact custom shirt makers that will help you in creating the custom Rugby shirt. These tailors are especially useful if you are planning on making large batches of rugby shirts that you will sell or use for your own rugby team. Rugby shirt retailers can be found on the web. There are, however, also local tailors that will be able to create fully customized rugby shirts for you. The primary advantage with using tailors is that you will get shirts that are fitted according to each user’s body size.

Show your support with a customized rugby shirt. Once you have followed these steps, you should have your own shirt that will proclaim your support wherever you go. You can also complement the shirt with a cap that has the logo of the team you are supporting.


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