How To Make a Saqqara Pyramid

The Saqqara pyramids is a type of step pyramid that was created in Egypt several thousand years ago, under the rule of Djoser who was one of the most renowned pharaohs of the third dynasty in Egypt. Unlike other types of pyramids, the Saqqara is slightly easier to create since it consists of tiers each of which is smaller than the base on where the tiers stand. Although architecturally easier to create, the Saqqara pyramid’s steps have a charm and grandeur all their own. If you want to create your own miniature Saqqara pyramid, here are the steps.

Create the base. You will need a total of 91 pieces of Styrofoam cubes. The cubes can be purchased in various sizes, and for this model you will need cubes that have three inch sides. To create the base, you need to lay out 36 cubes that will form a square with six cubes on each side. This will be the base on which the other tiers will be built. Once the cubes have been aligned, the next step is to tape the cubes together. If you need to carry the pyramid to a presentation or exhibit, you can also set the base on card board panel, or glue each square of the pyramid base together.

Follow a tier pattern. With 91pieces of Styrofoam cubes and a base with 36 cubes, you can create a six tiered Saqqara pyramid. To add the tiers, you need a pattern. For this model, the pattern is to create smaller squares that are one cube less than the base, arranged an inch and a half into the center. This means that the second tier is composed of a five cube square that lays an inch and a half into the center of the base. The third tier is composed of a four cube square that lays an inch and a half into the center of the base. The final tier should have only on cube, lying on the top and center of the pyramid. All of the tiers should be held in place with tape.

Paint the pyramid. Once the Styrofoam model has been built, the next step is to paint the pyramid. You can use stone colored paints found in most hardware shops. For more realistic pyramids, you can purchase several shades of paint. Add the base color first, and then add a few streaks of highlights onto the pyramid. This will create a more realistic pyramid. You can also add a layer of glue on the surface of the pyramid, and sprinkle some fine sand on the top to add texture to the pyramid. For the finishing touches, the base can be a box that is filled with sand, to recreate the Egyptian deserts where the original Saqqara pyramids stood.

Creating the Saqqara pyramids can be useful for class presentations and academic projects. Apart from this, however, many miniature model enthusiasts will also appreciate replicating the beauty of these pyramids in their own living room.


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