How To Make a Scout Patch

Scouting is one of the best ways to ensure the healthy and holistic development of a child. Under the motto of being prepared at all times, scouts make for fine kids who have better chances of growing up and maturing into functional people ready to take on whatever challenges are in store for them. One of the markers that will determine how well a scout is performing is the scout patch. Here are the steps to making your own scout patch.

Design. Scout patches are usually found in scouting booklets or from the head scout in a given chapter. Each scout patch represents a type of achievement. While you cannot invent your own patch, especially since the patches are all registered under the various scouting organizations, you can ask for permission from your scouting association to replicate the scout. With permission, you can either copy the design on paper and scan it onto the computer, or download a soft copy of the file.

Print. You may need to edit the scout patch using graphic editing software such as Photoshop, to clean out the details of the patch especially if you have drawn it by hand. Fill in the colors, and save the file to prepare it for printing. Use transfer paper and an inkjet printer to print the design. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to position the paper and how to configure the computer settings for printing on transfer paper.

Stitch. Once the design has been printed, you will have a copy of the logo on a piece of fabric in the transfer paper. Peel off the paper back in the design, and then proceed to cutting out the design outline from the paper. Once this is done, the next step is for you to use satin stitching to close off the edges of the paper. The stitch will keep the raw edge of the fabric from splitting up.

Iron. Once this is done, take an iron and set it to the steam iron settings. Press the iron onto the surface of the patch, for around five to seven times. This will help set the ink onto the fabric, so that you can wash the patch and the cloth where it is attached, without worrying about stains and bleeding.

Attach. Finally, you can attach the scout patch onto the piece of clothing where you need it. Keep in mind that there are various positions where the patch should be placed. In some cases, it should be pinned onto the handkerchief, while other patches should be sewn directly onto specific parts of the clothing. Some will need to be sewn directly onto the collar, breast pocket, sleeves, or other parts of the uniform. Keep in mind that these rules should be followed strictly, since these carry certain meanings for the scouts.

Whether for you own child, or for the scouts that you are leading in your scout chapter, the scout patch is a crucial element and reward which scouts work for. Through these steps, you should be able to create your own scout patch. 


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