How To Make a Scrap Quilt

The art of making a scrap quilt is enjoying a resurgence thanks to the ongoing recession and the prevailing attitude of not letting anything go to waste. Scrap quilting is a popular craft activity in which scraps of material saved from other projects are transformed into a new project, a scrap quilt for further enjoyment.

There are no hard and fast rules for making a scrap quilt, which is what many crafters like about it. But there are some guidelines that if followed will result in a more beautiful and artful final quilt result that one would be proud to hang as artwork or functionally use in a living room, den or bedroom.

The wider variety of print scraps you collect for your quilt, the better looking it will be. Include stripes, plaids, calicos, florals, geometric patterns and vintage novelty prints.  Include every color of the rainbow in your color selection, with a variety of shades and tones within those colors.  Don't limit your scraps to fabrics all having the same size - variety is the spice of life when it comes to scrap quilting.  Plan to include at least a few neutral tones in your scrap quilt, such as black, white, brown and cream in order to prevent your quilt colors and patterns from too loudly overwhelming the piece.

If your own scraps tend too much toward one category rather than a nice variety, check the Internet to join a quilt fabric swap group to unload what you have too much of and fill in the blanks with patterns and colors contributed from someone else's scrap box.

Because there are no rules to scrap quilting, you can use as many fabrics as you like, and the choice of pattern or how often you repeat a pattern is totally at your discretion. It's a good idea to play around with your fabric scraps prior to starting your quilting project to find out just how well certain colors, textures and fabrics will complement one another in the finished product. The beauty of making a scrap quilt is that if you don't like the final result, you can try again.

Making scrap quilts out of old t-shirt logos and prints or baby clothing makes a memorable gift for birthdays and graduations. You can also theme your quilt such as one made totally of Hawaiian fabric scraps or faux fur scraps.


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