How To Make a Scrapbook Cover

Memories are one of the most precious treasures for most people. If you want to keep the best moments in your life well documented and safely stored, the scrapbook is one of the best choices for you. The scrapbook is a creative way to store the small memorabilia and trinkets that you have kept, display the many photographs you have taken, and write down your personal reflections and experiences in life. To make a sturdy and beautiful scrapbook, however, you need to start off with a scrapbook cover.

  1. Preparations. Before making the scrapbook cover, make sure that the pages in the actual scrapbook are protected. You can do this by removing the pages of the scrapbook first. Most scrapbooks have metal spines that will allow you to add or remove pages. If the pages cannot be removed, however, you will need to start off your scrapbook project with the cover. Moving the scrapbook pages too much can cause some of the décor which you have placed to fall off or become misaligned. This is what makes it crucial to finish the scrapbook cover before anything else.
  2. Incorporate the theme. Scrapbooks are usually designed with a theme in mind. Although the actual content and the design on each page of the scrapbook will also show the theme that you have chosen, the cover is still the focal starting point that will indicate the rest of the theme. Choose a theme and make sure that it is flexible enough for you to post hundreds of scrapbook entries in, without difficulty.
  3. Cut a hole. One of the best ways to decorate the scrap book is by cutting a hole through the cover. This will allow you to expand the cover down to the next page. This means that you can add further decorations on the next page. To cut a hole, simple use a pencil to draw in the shape on the top of the cover. This could be a simple rectangular window, or a heart shaped hole. The theme will help you determine the decorative hole.  On the next page, you should create a drawing or artwork that will show through the hole. Make the scrapbook more interesting by adding some elements that will surprise the reader once he turns the page over.
  4. Add a base. The base of the scrapbook cover can either be fabrics or paper. Choose one with texture, and cut it according to the dimensions of the scrapbook cover. Add half an inch of additional length on all sides of the cover, so that you can tape the cover on the in-seams of the scrapbook.
  5. Add borders. Once the background has been created, you can add borders on your scrapbook. There are scrapbooking scissors that you can use to create borders that come in different shapes. Or, you can also use gold colored aluminum foil. Press this into the corners to create instant gilt edges. You can then use iron stamps to create shapes on the aluminum edges.
  6. Add the finishing touches. For the finishing touches, you can use markers, stickers, ribbons, and other scrapbooking items to decorate the scrapbook. Use hot glue to stick these into place. Hot glue will hold the elements firmly in place. As much as possible, also have a separate box where you can store the scrapbook. This is especially important if you want to keep your scrapbook safe from insects, small rodents, and humidity.

Now that you have your own scrapbook cover, you can begin rearranging the various letters, love notes, and photographs that you have collected through the years. Update your scrapbook regularly so that you will have an artful and detailed history of your life right within the pages of your scrapbook.


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