How To Make a Seashell Paperweight

For many people, falling in love with the sea and oceans is instantaneous – the rolling waves, the smell of sea water, and the feeling of sand playing between your toes is one of the most romantic things that you can experience. If you want to bring the coast line into your own home, one of the best ways to do this is through a seashell paperweight. Here are the steps to creating your own.

  1. Find a jar or a glass dome. For the actual body of the paperweight, you need to find a sturdy glass jar or a paperweight dome. Paper weight domes can be purchased in most home supply shops, since plenty of people create their own paper weights. If you want to economize, however, you can choose any jar lying around the house. Make sure that the glass walls of the jar are strong enough to carry the seashells inside. Clean the inside of the glass jar or dome, and remove stains and fingerprints that can become noticeable once the glass has been filled with the seashells.
  2. Find shells. The actual weight will come from sea shells. The best way to find your sea shells is by searching for fragments and remnants on the beach. Take time while creating your seashell paperweight, especially since some rare sea shell pieces can only be encountered after hours of walking in the beach. Allow the waves and the ocean to surprise you with whatever shells the sea will wash up onto the shore.  Collect other materials as well, such as colored sea stones, sea glass, pieces of corrals, and fine sand.
  3. Construct the base. Next, take a piece of card stock, and use a pencil to trace the outline of the glass dome or glass jar. Once this is done, use a cutter to cut out the shape. Take a piece of felt paper, or soft cloth, and cut it in the same dimensions as the card stock. Glue this onto the card stock. This will act as the base for the paperweight, to keep the sheets of paper from being wrinkled when you use the sea shell paperweight.
  4. Fill in with shells. Next, fill in the glass jar with some sand, sea shells, and the other materials that you have found on the shore. Carefully add the pieces and arrange them into the glass jar. Use fine sand to ensure that the sea shells will not move inside the paperweight, and that the decorative outer surface of the shells will always face up. If you are working with a particularly large or tall glass jar, you can lessen the weight by inserting a smaller plastic bottle or Styrofoam cube inside, which will take up space and allow you to lighten the load.
  5. Seal in. once this is done, take strong glue such as Loctite and run it through the lips of the glass jar or the dome. Place the card stock over this, and let it dry for a couple of minutes. Once done, you can place the paper weight into its normal position and use it on your desk.

With a sea shell paperweight, you get function, décor, and a remembrance from the sea all in one – all without having to shell out money.


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