How To Make a Second Life Host Resume

With the advent of new technology in the gaming world, 3D virtual games have become a hit.  Second Life is one of these 3D games. It is an online entertainment that is built and maintained by Linden Research. Second Life is run by a currency in the form of Linden dollars. These game currencies could be used to switch over American dollars and other international currencies.

The best way to earn the Linden dollars is by seeking service and employment in the Second Life community. One of the most typical jobs for a user would be the Host position. Since the said position in the Second Life community is the most popular one, you will need a Host resume in getting this job. Here are some of the techniques that will help you achieve the position that you want:

  1. Join the community. Search for the home page of Second Life. Complete the documents that are needed to be a member of the society. Wait for the confirmation and you are ready to get started.
  2. Download the required software. Click the link that will lead you to the download center. In the center you will be asked whether you want a basic or a premium package. It is up to you to decide. Pay the account fee and download the product. The account fee will expire after a month. You may save the software and then install it or you may run the software at once.
  3. Edit your profile. Check the tab for editing. Choose your account. Choose the section labeled as “About”. In the “About” portion, key in your first as well as last name (Second Life profile only). The asterisk symbol will help you make your name appear in center.
  4. Key in your address. The next step is to type in your location. If you are a beginner you may use your email address or a networking address as a temporary address. However, if you have already acquired residence in the Second Life community, you may use the address that was given to you.
  5. Describe yourself. Key in the “About” tab. Write a brief description about yourself. Be very specific. Give facts that will encourage people to mingle with you. For instance, you may describe yourself as “I am well read man. I am good in painting. I love party.”
  6. Make a list of your Second Life tools. If you have a personal computer or a microphone for example, you may include it in your list. These tools will be helpful to attract more neighbors in the community.
  7. List your talents. Hosting skills are the best assets. For example, you may include “I possess the best emoting talent”.
  8. Confirm your note card. You can find this in the “Inventory” section. Your saved data in the note card will serve as your Host resume.

These tips will give you the hottest Host resume in Second Life. Worry no more because you will surely be earning a couple of Linden dollars during your stay in Second Life.


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