How To Make a Shamrock Key Chain

Shamrocks usually appear during St. Patrick’s Day to give respect in commemoration to this famous Irish saint. However, there are certain ways on how to use shamrock even if it’s not St. Patrick’s holiday. The famous NBA Team the Boston Celtics made the shamrock famous by including it in their jerseys, which are now an all-time hit to its consumers. Aside from a clothing line using shamrocks and making them famous, there are ways on how to utilize the shamrock the whole year round and not just during Irish holidays. One of these ways is by using it in a key chain. Now, how do you make those? Here are the steps on how to make a shamrock key chain:

  1. Decide what materials are you going to use. Making a key chain entails the use of various materials and intricate methods. Some use steel to engrave shamrock in the key chains of the said element. Others use hybrid of elements. While some use clay for a shamrock key chain. However, whatever you want to use, it will always boil to the fact that it should be nicely done but it should also have considerable aesthetic merit.
  2. Try alternative designs and materials.  If you only have clay to work with, don’t frown upon it because it will only cause you obstruction along the intricate process of doing it. It is in much the same way if you have a metallic element to contend with. You only need patience.
  3. Using a clay. Using this kind if material is considerably less arduous for what you only need to do is to mold the clay according to the shape of a shamrock. Almost everybody knows what a shamrock looks like it would be easy for you to imagine the design structure you want according to the materials you have.
  4. Bake the shamrock. By baking, this doesn’t connote that you will have to eat what you did. If you used clay it is imperative to bake the shamrock key chain immediately according to the clay manufacturer’s guidelines in order for it to cool before it could be ready for production.
  5. Design accordingly. After the key chain has been thoroughly cooled down, then you can put the necessary materials you need to make it look more like a key chain. You can use a paper clip as a key ring you can attach to the end product or you can also use the other materials. Just remember to always use your creativity in designing the key chain. Remember that you won’t use this fun item for an Irish holiday. You will be using it for the rest of the year as an accessory along with those other pieces of accessory you’ve got in your closet.
  6. Enjoy the intricate process. One way to produce a better output is to put your mindset on the idea that you area making it for yourself (in case you are not doing it as a business venture) and you have to enjoy the process.

Actually, making a shamrock key chain is relatively. And if it’s that easy and provided with the necessary production inputs, you can actually turn this into a profitable venue, not only for you but also for your family and loved ones.


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