How To Make a Shirt Out of a Dollar Bill

Does your friend leave creative tips by folding the bills into t-shirts or other fun objects? Don’t be too impressed, he’s not magic. He just knows a bit of origami. The good news is that you can learn to do it too. Just follow these steps and you’ll be able to make a shirt out of a one dollar bill.

  1. Choose the crispest bill in your wallet. The newer the bill, the easier it will be to fold with crisp corners.
  2. Place the bill flat on a table. The bill should be face up and lengthwise so George Washington is visible and right side up.
  3. Make first fold. Fold the top of the bill down so that you are folding the bill in half lengthwise. George’s picture is now hidden on the inside of the fold. Make a crease to mark the center of the bill. Then unfold the bill.
  4. Fold the top and bottom into the center crease. After unfolding the bill in the previous step you have a crease in the center of the bill. Fold the top ¼ of the bill down to meet this crease. Then repeat with the bottom ¼ of the bill.
  5. Turn the bill over. You should see the word ONE, a pyramid and an eagle. Place the bill back on the table with the eagle end facing up and away from you.
  6. At the end nearest the eagle, fold the white border section down toward you. You are making the shirt collar back at this point.
  7. Turn the bill over with the same end facing up and make the rest of the collar. Fold both top corners in towards the middle line. Try to make it look like a shirt collar but don’t stress about precise angles for the folds.
  8. Turn the bill so the collar is now toward you without turning the bill over. You should still see the collar. Fold the end toward you about 1” to 1 ¼”. You should see a half circle and part of the pyramid from the back of the bill. Make a crease with this fold.
  9. Fold the same end again. With this second fold you are creating the body of the shirt so the word ONE should be visible. Fit this end snug up under the collar so it stays in place. Make sure you crease this fold so that you can find it again after the next steps.
  10. Create the sleeves. Unfold the previous two steps so that you have the collar and the rest of the bill is straight. On the end opposite the collar, slightly unfold the middle two folds. On the crease closest to the end of the bill, pinch out a triangle shape using two folds. This step takes some experimentation to get the folds to look like the sleeves you want.
  11. Refold the folds in steps eight and nine then tuck the shirt under the collar. There you have it; you now have a crisp looking shirt created using a one dollar bill.

Remember that you will need patience and some practice to get the sleeves to look the way you want. If you stick to it you will make a shirt out of a one dollar bill.


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