How To Make a Shoe Box Craft

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Shoe boxes have certain magic in them – you can make them into different useful things that eventually become sentimental. Most of the time, shoe boxes are made into containers of old stuff that are later on discovered after a few years. But shoe boxes need not be used only as containers. These can also be crafted into fun and entertaining toys for the kids. Aside from it being cheap, creating crafts with shoe boxes can also serve as a bonding session for parents and kids, and the parents themselves end up enjoying it more than their kids because they are able to relive their childhoods.

Some items that you can make out of a shoe box are:

  • a shoe box wagon, with wheels and a string to pull it
  • a shoe box guitar complete with strings
  • a mini house
  • a puppet holder
  • a mailbox
  • a storage box

Shoe box wagon. For a shoe box wagon, remove the shoe box cover. With an old gift wrapper, wrap the sides of the box. Mark the spot where the wheels will be placed. Punch a hole through the box, enough to fit the stick that will hold the wheel. Two sticks will be used, one for the front wheels, and one for the rear. Old compact discs will be used as wheels. Rolled cardboard can also be used in place of the sticks.

Place a ribbon through the top of the front side of the box, to serve as a string to pull the wagon. Tie the other end of the ribbon on a shorter stick or rolled cardboard, to serve as the string’s handle.

If the wheels and axle are strong enough, you can place some items inside the wagon and it will serve as a pull cart for your child.

Shoe box guitar. To make a shoebox guitar, cut a hole big enough to be like that of a real guitar, in the middle of the shoebox cover. Then wrap the box and cover with gift wrapping, exposing the hole. Punch small holes on opposite sides of the shoebox cover (the edges), where the guitar strings will be tied. Use ordinary nylon strings. If you want to be more realistic, you can use different nylon sizes. Tie the strings on both ends, so that the strings are laid over the guitar hole.

For the guitar handle, use the inner roll of toilet tissues. Tape three to four rolls in place to make a long rod. Take the shoebox and create a hold on one side where the handle will be placed. Secure the guitar handle with Scotch tape. Place two to four popsicle sticks at the end of the guitar handle to look like guitar knobs. Also, place a popsicle stick at the other end of the shoebox cover to secure the strings. You now have a shoebox guitar.

This may be the simplest of all – a mailbox. Simply cut a portion of the box to half an inch by five inches, so greeting cards can fit. Then cover the box with wrapping paper. You can add other decorations such as ribbons and buttons.


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