How To Make a Shoe Box Shadow Box

Do you want to remember a special occasion? One great idea to do just that is to display your keepsakes. You can showcase them in a shadow box. Imagine having a scrapbook that is three-dimensional. That’s awesome. And on top of that, you really don’t need to spend much. You can already work on the project once you have a spare shoe box. You can enjoy this alone or you can invite your kids or your friends. Here are the easy-to-do instructions:

  • Look for a sturdy shoe box. You need to find one that is going to last. If what you got is a bit shaky, you can tape it up. Concentrate on the corners and on the sides as much as possible.
    Ideally, the sides of your shadow box should not be taller than 4”. The shallowness permits your shadow box to look good. So, trim your shoe box if you deem it is necessary.
  • Source some cool construction papers. Go for those with interesting colors or designs. Cut them into strips. Use the strips to efficiently line the inside part of your shoe box. And then, on the sides of your shoe box as well as in the bottom of its inside, evenly glue the strips. You can also use wrapping papers as alternative.
  • Position your keepsake into the shoe box. Begin by turning your shoe box. Let it rest on one of its long sides, letting its bottom to become the back. Put in the keepsake and then, glue it well. If you are relying on a hot glue gun, protect your stuff. You don’t want to ruin or melt any of them. Be cautious.
    You can add other items that complement your keepsake. You can include a program, a music sheet, or some wonderful photos to make the set up more appealing and noteworthy. You can also hang some strands or beads to render a distinctive look to your shoe box.
    Study the positioning of the items. The bigger ones should be kept at the back while the smaller ones, really nearer the front of the shoe box.
  • Decorate the inside of the shoe box. Study your construction papers. Think of the appropriate pictures that you can draw on them. You can also have some three-dimensional models like Play-Doh or modeling clay. If you opt for them, consider air-drying them. You need at least a day or two before you continue gluing them inside the shoe box.
  • Embellish the outside of the shoe box. Once you have set the inside, your next step is to beautify the outside. Choose the best colors. Again, you may glue some strips of construction papers.

Once you have finished decorating your shadow box, place it on a shelf or on a table. Then, step back. Double check if all your items can be readily seen. If not, rework the positioning. It is important that all your items are visible from every angle. Also, realize that you can’t put too many items in the shoe box. If the weight gets too heavy, the shoe box may not support it. So, plan efficiently.


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