How To Make a Shoebox Dollhouse

You can certainly make your own dollhouse at home. You can construct it out of shoe boxes. And since it is quite lightweight, you can choose to mount it on your wall or display it on a shelf. All you need to do is to gather the right materials and you are all set to make an elegant dollhouse. Here are the simple steps for you to follow:

  • Construct your doll’s house. Work out your plan first. How many rooms do you want to have for your doll’s house?  What do you think should be done in each room?  Do you wish to follow a particular order?  These are some of the items that you need to consider in polishing your plan. The more detailed you can go with your plan, the more convenient your construction can become.
  • Account your doll’s house’s windows. Refer to your plan. Based on your idea, start marking your shoe box. Use a pencil so you can set your preferred spots. Then, bring out your box cutter. Start cutting the windows.
    If you intend to build a bigger dollhouse, you have to put together some boxes. Calculate the provisions that you like to incorporate. Be exact. Making rough estimates may turn out to be disadvantageous later. You already need to minimize the adjustments at this juncture.
  • Enhance the inside of your doll’s house. You can do this immediately after you have structured your doll’s house. Otherwise, don’t proceed. You may find it inconvenient embellish the inside if there are some framing or constructing to do. Be creative. Make your design unique and fascinating. Take care of the color scheme. Be particular about the detailing. Weigh your options before you decide on something.
  • Glue the boxes together. Are you happy with the decorations?  Have you accounted all the rooms that you planned out?  If you are contented with what you have accomplished, you may begin gluing the boxes. Again, refer to your plan. See which sides have to match.
  • Set up the upper floors. Have you imagined having additional layers?  If you did, gather the box tops. Cut their sides off. Since they are flat, they can serve as lids for your upper levels. Of course, you need additional boxes in order to construct the incremental layers. And then, leave two box tops to serve as you’re your dollhouse’s roofs. Allow them to lean against each other and glue them on top of your dollhouse. That creates an attic space and a vaulted ceiling right above the rooms that you have constructed. Tape and glue to keep everything into place.
  • Polish your dollhouse’s exterior. Get some Popsicle sticks. Cut off their round edges. Eventually, glue them to the side of your dollhouse. Line them up evenly and horizontally so you can create a sort of wood siding. Get some Popsicle sticks again. This time, don’t cut them. Glue them on the roof, following a vertical pattern and allowing them to simply hang over.

You can further dress up your dollhouse by using more art materials, from paint to fabric scraps. The possibilities are limitless. Have fun.


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