How To Make a Silk Flower Arrangement

Arranging flowers

Synthetic fabrics used in the making of artificial flowers are generally termed as silk for their silky and soft appearance. There are ready-made silk flowers so you would not need to make them yourself.

Silk flowers can be great accents for any occasion. They can be arranged according to how you want them without the danger of their withering up. They are also very durable and would not require any special handling technique. Silk flowers are popular in weddings and other big events. They appear almost real, and when arranged well are really a good substitute for fresh flowers.

Silk floral arrangements could be a simple flower bouquet, flower centerpieces, silk garlands, wreaths, potted arrangements, candle rings, and wedding bouquets. So your arrangement would depend on what you want to do. Each kind of floral arrangement would require different kinds of silk flowers. The occasion would also dictate the colors that you may include in the silk flower bunch. The wishes of those you are arranging for would also matter, or, your own preferences as the one arranging the silk flowers.

Here are the steps on how to make a silk flower arrangement:

  1. Identify what you want to make.  Since there are a number of arrangements to choose from, you first have to decide what to do. Here you have to consider the occasion, the time of use of the arrangements, the motif you want to follow, and the persons you are expecting to view the arrangements. The occasion could be a wedding, birthday party, anniversary, commemorations, or any other party. However, you do not need a party to do a silk floral arrangement. You can do this even for your simple pleasure. You can decorate your home with silk flowers according to your mood. The time is also an important factor. By this, it is meant that you have to consider the season when you are going to make your silk flower arrangement. You should have a different arrangement for spring, summer, or fall. For each season, you will have to imitate the natural hues and characteristics of plants. Another consideration is the motif on which you are going to base your arrangement. The motif may borrow the ideas from the natural season. One could have a summer silk floral arrangement. There are a lot of motifs to choose from. Lastly, you also have to consider the kind of people who are going to view the arrangements. They could be your husband, wife, children, or guests. Take into consideration their likes or dislikes.
  2. Choose your silk flowers. Choosing the silk flowers is at the heart of silk flower arrangements. The key here is to choose those that look real. Avoid choosing loud colors. Another consideration here is variety. The flowers must have variety in sizes, shades, and textures. But do not forget to mind the considerations enunciated in number 1.
  3. Choose your greenery. To make a realistic arrangement, always include greenery. This would include the leaves, branches, and other accents. Here you also have to consider variety and a realistic look to the greenery.
  4. Choose your container. Of course, depending on the requirements as mentioned in number 1, your container must fit the overall theme of your arrangements. You may choose a vase or pot. For bouquets a simple ribbon or wrapper will suffice. Do not use transparent pots or vases, they will show the stems and reveal a somewhat obvious fact that the flowers are fake. Experiment with a number of containers to give an impression that you have a freshly picked bunch of flowers.
  5. Arrange. Spread the flowers and greenery out on your work space. Then arrange the flowers flat in the working area. Place the flowers and greenery you want to place on the working area, as you want them to be placed in the floral arrangement. So put the center flowers at the center of your working space. Then put at the side those you want to be placed at the lower part of the arrangement. It is advisable to follow the triangle technique in floral arrangement. By this, you have a central long stem or stems and shorter ones. In this way you create a variety of lengths, which exposes all the contents of the silk floral arrangement. To shorten the silk flowers, simply bend the wires that hold them. Carefully lay the arrangement back down on the table, holding the stems in their current position.

With that, you can enjoy your creation. It may not be easy on the first try, but you will get better with constant practice. Next time you want to surprise your family, why not make a silk flower arrangement?


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