How To Make a Silver Dollar Money Tree

If you are looking for a gift that could fit well in any occasion, then you should try money trees. These trees are easy to make yet they look pleasing when made, and the materials are inexpensive. If you are thinking of giving one to your loved ones or your friends for a certain special occasion, these are the steps on how to make a silver dollar money tree:

  1. Prepare the materials. These may be a little cumbersome but some of the materials could readily be found in your toolbox or in your garage. The following are the things you will need: Tree limb between 1 to 2 feet tall, with 1 inch or larger diameter (with or without leaves); a small saw; protective eye ear; plywood, 1/4 inch; paint; tape measure or ruler; pencil; drill; drill bit, 1/8 inch; wood screw, flat head, 3 inches long, diameter 1/4 inch; screwdriver; white glue; 10 to 20 ties; coin envelopes and large clear plastic; one-hole paper punch; and finally, you need silver dollars.
  2. Saw off a tree limb that has many smaller branches. Make sure that the branches are strong enough to hold the silver dollars when you hang them. After you have prepared the tree limb, paint the top side of the plywood platform with any color you like. Then, mark the center of the plywood platform with the correct measurement.
  3. Using your drill and the drill bit, make a hole from the top through to the bottom of the plywood. Then, insert the screw from the bottom side of the plywood up. Make sure that the screw is tightly placed and the head of the screw is leveled with the bottom of the platform. This will ensure that the platform will not wobble once you put the tree limb.
  4. Then, use your drill to put a hole on the bottom. You can ask someone to assist you in doing this. Be very careful in drilling the hole so as not to split the tree limb. The depth of the hole should be enough to fit the screw in the platform. To secure the tree limb, place some glue in the hole before putting it in the platform. 
  5. Put the tree limb in the platform by rotating it counter-clockwise. Then wipe the excess glue from the platform.
  6. Put the silver dollars in the coin envelopes. You can put some the design on the coin envelopes to make them more special.
  7. Put a hole and tie a string in each coin envelope. You can now attach the coin envelopes to the branches of the tree limbs. Be sure not to put too many coins in a single envelope. The silver dollars should be evenly distributed among the envelopes in the same way, as the coin envelopes should be placed evenly among the branches.

It’s that easy to make silver dollar tree. You will surely enjoy sharing the envelopes from your silver dollar tree once your significant other, family members or friends come by.


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