How To Make a Simple Telescope

Have you ever thought about how Galileo made his telescope to see outer space? Remember, there was no telescope available in his time—he made his own. Today, you can also make your own telescope and see Venus or Alpha Centauri closer even though you are far. With the materials we have today, making your own telescope is much easier than in the time Galileo did his very own telescope.

Below is one of the simplest DIY telescope instructions on the Net. Here are the things you need:

  • Concave and convex telescope lenses
  • Glue gun
  • Cardboard tubes

Even a kid can make his very own telescope by following this. You can ask your kid or your little sister or brother to help you make a telescope. It will surely be a fun-filled bonding factivity or the two of you.

  1. Lenses. Check the lenses you will use. The convex should be larger than the concave lens. You’ll know that a lens is convex if its center is thicker than its edge. The concave lens, on the other hand, has thinner center and thicker edge. The concave lens will be your eyepiece.
  2. Determine distance. Glue the two lenses on the cardboard tube such that the two will be perpendicular to each other. But what should be the distance between these two? Place the smaller lens in front of your eye and see through the larger lens. Adjust the distance until the image becomes clear and you get the right distance. You don’t have to do this if you plan to make an adjustable telescope, which is better than the permanent one.
  3. Cardboard tubes. You can make your own cardboard tubes out of a cardboard sheet. Simply roll it to form a tube. But this tube should have a smaller edge and a larger edge. The smaller edge should be enough to house the concave lens while the larger edge should be wide enough for the convex lens. You can make one tube with shape similar to a long funnel for a permanent telescope. But if you are planning to make an adjustable one, then you should use two cardboard tubes. The tube for the eyepiece should be able to be inserted to the smaller edge of the larger lens’s tube.
  4. Install the lens to the right edge of the tube. Put some hot glue on the edge of each lens before inserting them on their right hole. You can also fold a portion of the tubes’ edges so that pasting the lenses will be easier. If it’s a permanent telescope, then you are all done in this step. If it’s an adjustable telescope, proceed to step 5.
  5. Putting together. Insert the larger hole of the small lens’s tube into the smaller hole of the larger lens’s tube. See through the eyepiece to check if it’s perfectly working. You can adjust the view by moving the eyepiece’s tube back and forth.

Who says you should spend a fortune to get a telescope. With this DIY telescope, you can already see meteorites and make a wish!


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