How To Make a Snow Castle

Snow time is never complete without snow fights. If you are a consistent loser from childhood up to now with your snow fights, the best strategy for you to employ is to make a snow castle. Building a snow castle is an excellent way to protect yourself from pounding snowballs from your enemies. A snow castle will also help you access and throw snowballs at your enemies. Compared with other building materials, snow is relatively a cheap tool. Snow needs critical guidelines for its construction and maintenance. Here are the easy steps in making a snow castle:

  1. Roll some snowballs. Make sure that you create longer snowballs. Create a minimum of seven snowballs. Build a square using your snowballs. Since, a square has four equal sides. Make sure that you have equal number of snowballs for each side.
  2. Stick to the rule. Remember that the longer you want your snow castle to be, the longer the line of snowballs, you should create. Choose one side of the square to serve as your door. In this side, remove the other snowballs. Retain one snowball. Are you on the right track? Look at your structure. You have now a wall for your snow castle.
  3. Build a crown. Create more snowballs. The snowballs, in this case, should be light in weight. These snowballs should provide you the ease of lifting. Place your newly created snowballs “on the crown” of your wall. Rest the snowballs in their proper places so that they will not fall during the snow battle.
  4. Make the wall stronger. Put the snowballs around your wall. Place more snowballs for each compartment. Create a higher snowball formation to ensure a higher rate of protection. Check your wall. It should be flat without cracks. In case of a crack, use some loose snow to cover your snow castle’s cracks.
  5. Check the structure. Make sure that your wall has a solid structure. Try to throw a snowball on your wall. Check if your wall will break easily. Your snow castle now should appear like a carton with a doorway on one of your walls.
  6. Create more snowballs. Wobble your snowballs on each wall. Place a big and a small snowball alternately. Apply the same pattern around your snow castle’s wall. Your doorway will serve as an area where you can throw snowballs to your enemies.
  7. Use an optical illusion. Create an illusion for your snow castle. Build a make believe drawbridge. Rocks constitute a drawbridge. Create a chain that will hold the bridge block. A drawbridge will make your enemies think that the entry to your snow castle is in some place and not behind it.

“I came, I saw, I conquered”

Each champion has his secret weapon to success. Yours is a snow castle. You will surely grab victory with the above-mentioned steps in creating a snow castle. What are you waiting for? Try the steps above and start building your snow castle. Do not forget to check the strength of your snow castle. You may also create extra snowballs that will surprise your enemies. 


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