How To Make a Sock Baby

Do you think it’s possible to make a baby doll out of your old sock? Yes you can! A little of creativity and some materials and you can turn your ugly old sock into a cute sock baby. Kids will surely love to receive such a cute gift. They will love it more to create a sock baby with you.

Things needed:

  • Sock. Whatever size of sock is okay as long as it has enough elasticity and length to make a doll out of it. You can use a used adult sock for a large sock baby, a kid’s sock for a medium-sized sock baby, or a baby sock for a little cutie sock baby.
  • Yarn or wire. You can use anything that can tie the sock after filling it up with paper, cotton, or used clothes. Wire is better for a better grip but yarn will work okay. Look for anything in your stuffs that can do the same job and that will do.
  • Stuffing. Paper, cotton, and used clothes can be used to fill the sock to give the doll a body. Use cotton or used clothes if you plan to wash the doll often.
  • Marker. You’ll need this to draw the eyes, nose and lips of the sock baby. It can be used to design the sock baby as well. As alternatives, you can use buttons, fuzzy balls, yarn, beads, or anything that can be eyes, nose, and lips for the sock baby.
  • Glue or needle and thread. You’ll need this in case you will use alternatives to markers.
  • Decorations. Ribbons, bells, glitters, wires, paint, and cottons are just some of the decorations you can put on the sock baby.


  1. Prepare the stuff. Ready the thing you will use to stuff the sock. Crumple the paper, and cut the used cloths and cotton.
  2. Stuffing. Fill the sock with the stuffing and leave only enough room to tie the sock.
  3. Tie. Using wire or yarn, tie the sock so as the stuffing will be locked in the sock.
  4. Bonnet or hair? See the excess portion of the sock after tying it? If it’s long enough, you can fold that down to cover the wire or yarn and make it into a bonnet. If it’s not long enough, you can have it as it is and just make that the sock baby’s hair.
  5. Neck. Make a neck for the sock baby enough to make the kind of head you want for the doll.
  6. Eyes, nose, and lips. Using a marker, draw the sock baby’s eyes, nose, and lips. You can also use other materials and glue or sew that on the sock baby so as to make a face.
  7. Decorate. The basic sock baby has no feet, legs, or arms. You can put arms, legs, and feet using yarn or wire. You can use other things too like long wood or straws. Try to make a nice cloth for the doll or paint it, too. Whatever you decorate on the sock baby is okay for as long is it will be nice to see.

Aside from making a sock baby, you can also turn used socks into cloth roses or puppets. Actually, there is no limit to what you can do as long as you let your imagination do its magic. 


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