How To Make a Sock Doll

Making sock dolls serve as wonderful gifts and it is an effective way in teaching creativity to kids. They are fun and easy to make. Below are tips and guides on how to make a sock doll.

  • Gather the materials needed in creating a sock doll. You need large, medium and small sized socks, needles, threads, permanent fabric markers, and decorations for the body and face like buttons, ribbons, and embroidery.
  • Create the body of your sock doll. Cut the bottom of the sock (don’t include the heel). Make arms and legs with the part that you’ve cut; glue or staple them onto the body. The toe of the sock will become the head while the heel will become the rear end.
  • Create the neck of your sock doll. Tie a ribbon or a bow of yarn above the arms of your doll to separate the body from the head.
  • Create the face and personality of your sock dolls. Paint different facial expressions by using permanent fabric markers. Put accessories like hats, earrings and shades. Create different doll characters like policeman, fireman, waitress, politician, priest, and artist. Name your dolls to identify them easily; it will also make the children attach to the dolls.
  • Make the clothes of your sock dolls. Use old clothing. Use different materials like wool, fabric and cotton; they will add dimension to the character of your dolls. You can also draw the clothes directly on the socks by using different permanent fabric markers.
  • Enhance the appearance of your sock dolls. The size of your doll will depend on the size of the sock and the stuffing that you will put into the sock. Use small socks to create lovingly baby dolls; put lots of stuffing to make the baby dolls chubby. Use lesser stuffing in adults and children dolls. Create a family doll to please your parents. Create a baby doll so the little children can have a playmate.
  • Tips in stuffing your sock doll. The head, arms, legs, and body must be firmly stuffed with 100 percent polyester. Find an unleaded pencil or stick to push the stuffing into the arms and legs of your doll. Sew the sock after stuffing. You can use old and clean nylons as alternative stuffing.
  • Tips in buying socks for your dolls. Only buy socks if you can’t find used socks in your home. Purchase socks with different sizes and colors. Wool, acrylic, and cotton socks work well in creating a doll. Find splendid deep shades and pastels because they’ll look great. Ask family, friends, and classmates if they have used or old socks that you can use for your project.

There are various ways to create sock dolls. Demonstrate how to make a sock doll to the children then watch them do it themselves. You can make sock dolls with feet. You can hang them or garlands, wreaths, and Christmas trees. You can also put them on top of refrigerators and cabinets. Read craft magazines and websites for further ideas.


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