How To Make a Sock Monkey by Hand

Dolls are fascinating toys for kids and for adults who are young at heart. The monkey is one of the funniest and most lovable dolls or puppets. Create a sock monkey doll and give it as gift to friends or have it as a display. You can create dolls by machine or by hand. In this article, you will learn how to make a sock monkey by hand.

  • Prepare the materials needed to make a sock monkey by hand. This is an economical project because almost all materials can be found at home. Find pairs of socks with contrasting colors, ruler, scissors, pens, buttons, pins, stuffing, thread and needle. Contrasting colored socks will help you create a realistic monkey. Before buying new pairs of socks, check your cabinet and ask family members or friends if they have unneeded socks that they can give you for the project.
  • Create the sock monkey’s head. Form a ball out of a sock to create the head of your sock monkey doll.
  • Create the sock monkey’s body. Cut a sock in half and put stuffing in one part until the whole length is solid and rigid. Sew the sides. Attach the head of your sock monkey to its body.
  • Create the sock monkey’s eyes. Use buttons from old shirts as eyes for your monkey doll. Use brown or black button, but any button color will do if you want to be creative. Draw the eyes directly on the sock by using permanent markers if you can’t find buttons.
  • Create the nose/mouth of your sock monkey. Cut two oval shapes from a yellow and red wool or cotton cloth. Sew the yellow fabric sheet on top of the red fabric sheet. The yellow fabric will be the nose of your monkey while the red fabric will be the mouth. The color formation and the shape will make your monkey look like laughing.
  • Create the sock monkey’s ears. Use the other half of the sock that you have cut earlier. Cut it into two parts. Fold them and sew the sides. Pin or sew a round sheet of sock in the middle of the ear so it will look like a real ear. Pin or sew the ears on the head of your sock monkey.
  • Create the sock monkey’s arms, legs and feet. Cut a sock lengthwise into four parts and put in stuffing. Sew the open sides afterward. The two parts will serve as arms, while the other two will serve as legs. Cut another sock in half and form two firm circles. Attach them on the bottom of the legs; it will serve as the feet of your monkey. 
  • Create accessories for your sock monkey. Put a ribbon or a scarf above the arms of the monkey to separate the head from the body and to determine the neck of your monkey. Give him bracelets by tying a red yarn around his wrist.

Moreover, use small stuffing like cotton, sand, or fabric strips. Bigger stuffing might be faster to insert but you will get lumpy results. Smaller pieces will give you a much smoother finish. Use an unleaded pencil to push the stuffing inside.

Making a sock monkey by hand is an easy and creative way to teach children arts and crafts. However, guide them and tell them to be extra careful because they’ll be dealing with needles. Make a sock monkey in front of the children then let them repeat the process. Try making different kinds of animals in your succeeding sock stuff toy projects.


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