How To Make a Spider Using an Aluminum Can

A fun and festive project for the fall is making a spider using an aluminum can. The first thing that you need to do is gather the materials you need to complete the project. You will need an aluminum can, a hot glue gun, ice pick or nail, wire cutters, pipe cleaners in black or brown, google eyes (your choice in size), spray paint in flat brown or flat black finish and one optional item fau/craft fur in brown or black.

Now that you have gathered your supplies it is time to get things started. First things you will need are your aluminum can and an ice pick or nail, either will do. What you want is something sharp to pierce the side of the can. You are going to make four holes on either side of the can to insert your legs. Spacing does not need to be exact, but if you are planning on using them to stand you spider up you will need to be at least at similar heights. This is probably the most difficult as you need to press firm enough to pierce the can but not so hard that you dent the can.

Spray paint in your choice of color. At this point you need to simply spray paint the entire can. Make certain to do this in a well-ventilated area, outdoors is preferred. A tip for doing this is to place it on a stick and put it in the ground. This way you have access to all sides without getting too messy. Spray paint in light even coats to keep from dripping and causing streaks. Then allow drying. Drying time will vary with the type of paint and humidity and heat conditions.

Once your can is dry it is time to add the finishing touches. For this you will need your painted aluminum can, hot glue gun, pipe cleaners in your choice of colors, wire cutters, google eyes, and fau/crafters fur if desired. Now it is time to add the legs. You will need to insert your pipe cleaners into the 8 holes that you punched earlier. After you have inserted the leg, place a small amount of hot glue around the hole to help keep it in place. As for the length of the legs, that is your choice. You can use the entire length of the pipe cleaner or you can cut them with wire cutters to make them shorter. Now it is time to glue the eyes in place with your hot glue gun. Eyes should be placed on the open end of the can. That way the opening and the tab can act as other facial features. At this point if you desire you can use your craft fur to add character to your spider. Cut a small tuft and glue it to the top of the head or make it a Mohawk, be creative. Now you have a completed spider made from an aluminum can and a few accessories.


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