How To Make a Stamp Sweat Box

Have you been sent mail and find the stamp used to send it quite interesting for your stamp collection? If yes, then you know that removing the stamp without tearing it can be quite difficult due to the adhesive still making the stamp adhere to the envelope. If this is the case, then you should know that only humidity, high levels of it, can break down the adhesive that will then force the stamp off of the paper it is stuck to. What you need for this to come to fruition is a stamp sweat box. Basically, this is a small box or can that can be humidified inside. Placing the envelope with the stamp inside this humidified box will break the adhesive allowing you to pull off the stamp without hindrance. Here are the steps on how to create a stamp sweat box using common household items.

  • Choose a container. Basically, this is a box or can that can be naturally humidified by sealing it shut. If no air is allowed inside the container, then the inside will get naturally humid. The best container to use is a plastic microwaveable box that can be sealed airtight. For instance, any Tupperware container will be a fantastic option provided that it has a lid. They are designed to be airtight which is necessary for this project.
  • Soak a couple of sponges. To make the inside of the container humid and moist, you will be required to place in something wet. A couple of sponges soaked in water will do nicely. One sponge will be placed at the bottom of the container while the other one on top of the envelope with the stamp. However, since you do not want the envelope and the stamp to get wet, you will need to find a separator.
  • Find a divider. Basically, you can use anything to separate the envelope from the sponges. You can use bottle caps, plastic boxes, or a thick gauze pad. One suggestion would be to use bottle caps at both sides. Place the sponge, followed by the bottle cap, then a sheet of gauze, the envelope, another sheet of gauze, another bottle cap, and finally, the other sponge. This configuration should suffice.
  • Set the sweat box up. With all the items necessary in place, start assembling your sweat box. As mentioned previously, start with a wet sponge at the bottom. Place a bottle cap or plastic box on top of the sponge. Lay out a sheet of gauze pad on top of it. On top of that, place the envelope with the stamp on it. Place another gauze pad, bottle cap or plastic box, and the last soaked sponge. Seal the box tightly and leave it to humidify.

Make sure to check on the stamps progress from time to time. To do this, you may want to use a transparent plastic container. Lifting the lid when the envelope has not been humidified enough may hinder your progress. In any case, leave the box for a whole day. After 24 hours, open it and find the stamp easy to peel off.


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