How To Make a Star Using Craft Sticks

Craft sticks are the most versatile and fun building blocks in the world of crafts.  Craft stars are easy to make, fun to customize, and make beautiful decorations for Christmas, Hanukkah or any special occasion.  To make beautiful stars, you need only craft sticks, a glue gun, glitter or paint for decorating, and some thin ribbon.

  1. Decide how many points you would like your star to have.   A six point star can be made with six craft sticks; a five point star can be made with five craft sticks.
  2. For a six point star, glue three craft sticks together into an equilateral triangle shape.  Take the remaining three craft sticks and glue them together into an identical equilateral triangle shape.
  3. Place the triangles on top of each other in opposite directions - that is, the point of one triangle will be over the base of the other.  With a glue gun, glue into place.
  4. For a five point star, use a glue gun to glue two craft stick ends together at an approximately 30˚ angle.  Glue the third craft stick to the end of the second at another 30˚ angle so that it intersects the first craft stick.  Continue this pattern for the fourth and fifth craft sticks - the end of the fifth craft stick should meet with the beginning of the first craft stick.  This can be a bit tricky; if it all seems too complicated, make six point stars instead.
  5. Now that you have your craft stick star, decorate it!  You can decorate with gold or silver glitter paint or brush Elmer's glue onto the front of the star and dust with loose glitter.
  6. To make a solid star decoration, trace your craft stick star on a piece of yellow or gold construction paper, cut out the star shape, and glue it over the craft sticks.  If you like, you can paint the construction paper before you glue it onto the star.
  7. After the star has been decorated and is dry, cut a 10" length of ribbon (silver or gold ribbon would look very nice with a decorated star) and fold it in half.  Hold the two ends together and carefully hot glue the ribbon to the back of the star. When the glue is dry, your star is ready to hang in a window, on a tree, or to be a one-or-a-kind Christmas tree topper!


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