How To Make a Stethoscope Cover

A stethoscope cover will never fail as a gift to a nurse or doctor that you may know. However, buying a commercially made one will cost you some money. To let the recipient know that your gift is not from your pocket but from your heart, you can make him or her a stethoscope cover that can be truly appreciated. Here are some steps in making one.

  1. Gather the necessary materials. The materials that we may need are: the fabric or cloth that will be used as the cover, scissors, pattern grid (newspapers or such), pencil, thread (preferably one a color which is appropriate for the desired cloth), ¼ inch wide elastic, bias tape, snaps and sewing machine. Put them aside in preparation.
  2. Take note of the length of the stethoscope. The conventional length of stethoscope is about 34 inches, with a width of about 12 inches. However, you may consider adjusting this if the parameters of the recipient’s stethoscope are not the usual length.
  3. Make the pattern. Sketch the pattern of the stethoscope in a sketching or graphing paper with a pencil. Draw the design (which is a Y-shaped). Make the appropriate and necessary calculations of the other important parts of the sketch.
  4. Cut the fabric according to the set parameters. However, do not cut out the sketch. Cut the fabric into a square with the appropriate length and width. This is to facilitate uneventful mishaps that may happen in the course of the sewing. After doing this, iron press the fabric.
  5. Cut the pattern out with an allowance of half an inch. Put this allowance in all sides of the pattern. Fold the cloth into half, and then press thoroughly.
  6. Make the casing for the elastic. Turn the fabric over and sew a part of the allowances to cover the raw parts. Again iron press, this time the sides of the fabric only. Then completely seal the seam to make the casing for the elastic. Press again to secure the sewn sides.
  7. Calculate the length of the needed elastic. You can do this by first placing a safety pin at the other end of the elastic so as to facilitate the fitting of the elastic into the casing. Do not twist or extend the elastic to have an exact calculation of the length that you will need.
  8. Do the sewing on the other side. After doing the same thing you did at the first side you worked on, apply a seam finish.
  9. Sew down and do the bias tape facing. Put the right side of the tape to the complementary side of the fabric. Do the same with the edges. After sewing, trim the unnecessary tape.
  10. Put the snaps on. Use your hand when sewing the snaps on. This will secure the stethoscope cover. Sew down four snaps around the base. They must be equally distanced from each other.

Once you finish sewing the whole, try it on to a stethoscope. Check for any missed spots and stitch the open spaces. Press to make it fuller. You can add personalized stitches and adornments to your finished product. Your recipient will surely be touched to the heart because of your one of a kind gift.


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