How To Make a Story Sack

A story sack is a fun and educational sack of goodies.  It typically contains a book and activities or games that relate to that story. Story sacks are great to keep children entertained on long trips or visits to the doctor or anywhere else they may be required to sit for long periods of time. Grandparents and childcare worker find these useful in getting children interested in reading as well. Are you and your child ready to make one of your own? Here are some great tips to get you started.

A story sack can be made of a simple paper bag or a sturdier canvas tote. Canvas totes work best since they will not rip or break down as easily.

Many people choose to decorate their bags. If you would like to do this, use markers or fabric paint to create a bag that will interest the child or even let her decorate the sack herself. What the outside of the bag looks like is far less important than what is on the inside.

After you have found your sack and decorated it, it is time to choose a story. When choosing a story book, think of the interests of the child the sack is being made for. Does she have an all-time favorite book? What do they like to do? Does she have a favorite animal? The more interested the child is in the subject of the book, the more likely it is that she will get involved in using the story sack. Once you decide on a book, place it in the bag.

Now you are ready to fill the story sack. With so many children's books on the market today, there are endless possibilities for items to fill the sack. Great starters are items such as a CD or DVD of the story book, coloring books or coloring sheets related to the story, or supplies to create a craft, game, or costume that goes along with the book. Other items such as stickers, a drawing pad and crayons, or pictures about the story are other fun fillers. Your imagination is the limit. Be creative and fill the sack with items that your child will enjoy.

Story sacks are intended to bring the story to life by letting the child interact with the events of the story. Once you see how much fun your child has with these great story sacks, you will want to make more.


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