How To Make a Strawberry Costume for a Baby

You can always dress up your baby for an upcoming party, or maybe a gathering or special event. Whatever the reason is, making a strawberry costume for your cute angel can always be one of your options. The good thing is that, it is never hard to create your baby’s own costume, even in the comfort of your home. Here are the steps that would guide you.

  1. Prepare the necessary materials and tools. The things you will need are: scissors, felt or fleece fabrics, sewing pins, green thread, black paint or marker pen, apple green elastic caps, red tight-fitting pajamas, and a red t- shirt.
  2. Paint or mark the dots. Strawberries have dots, and it would be necessary for you to copy them. Using your black paint or pen, print dots on the red t shirt. Make dots that are the same size as a penny. Be careful in using paint because some of them are toxic, especially those made of lead. Do not use them. After printing, let them dry for about 15 minutes.
  3. Cut out the leaves from the felt. Using your scissors, cut leaf like shapes in your felt. After cutting them, cut a felt leaf further by creating short cuts in them, making them finer like that of a real strawberry.
  4. Pin the leaves into the hat. This will secure them into places which will facilitate your sewing in the next steps. Pin them in a place that will not obstruct the baby’s view.
  5. Sew them now into place. Use the zigzag or alternating stitches to sew the felt leaves into place. Turn the hat over and sew on the unseen side of the hat. Make your sewing as clean and simple as possible.    
  6. Fit the other articles into place. Once you had already sewn the hat into place and painted over the shirt, you can now put the costume into play for our baby’s use. Put the red socks on your baby, then the elastic red pants. Then you can put the shoes on next. To make the shoes complementary to the costume, use only red, black or white sneakers. Then put on the shirt. To create a bulging, spherical effect, you can stuff cotton or foam into the t shirt after your baby has put them on. After doing this, you can fit the cap into your baby’s head. Be wary if the felt leaves may disturb the baby. After this, you baby is now ready for some rocking strawberry jam.
  7. Let your baby try the costume on.  One point that may be needed to be raised is the comfort of your baby. Check if the garters of the hat and the pants may be too tight that they may chaff your baby’ skin. Also, always be careful not to stuff too much stuffing into the t-shirt because this may obstruct your baby’s actions and even his breathing.

The most important thing about making costumes in general is that you must always have a clear picture of the person wearing the outfit in your mind. With this, you will be guided in your craft. 


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