How To Make a String of Paper Dolls

Remember those string paper dolls your first grade teacher used to make? Remember the awe you felt when your teacher unfolded the paper to reveal a long line of cutouts? Didn’t you just think your teacher was the smartest and most creative person in the world? Now that you’re all grown up, you know the secret to this craft. Make this project yourself and watch your young children be impressed.

It’s a fun and very easy project to make. Even young kids and older children can make it, as long as they can safely handle scissors.

Here’s what you need to do if you want to make a string of paper dolls:

  • Get your paper. If you want to make a long string, use a legal size sheet of paper. If you want to make it interesting, use paper in different colors. This project will work as long as you are able to cut through the folds of paper. Any type of paper will do such as construction paper, art paper, or plain copy paper.
  • Fold the paper in halves. Lay the paper on its side so it is in landscape orientation. Start by folding the paper in half. Next, fold it in half again. Keep folding the paper in half until you make the ends reach. One short sheet of copy paper can be folded four times to make eight paper dolls.
  • Draw a pattern. With a pencil, draw an outline for you to trace. Make sure the arms and legs are outstretched so that it connects to the next doll.
  • Cut the pattern carefully. Hold the paper together with one hand. Carefully cut out the paper following the pattern you have made. Be sure not to cut off all the sides of the paper. You will only cut out the outline. Otherwise, you won’t have a string of paper dolls.
  • Unfold the paper. Now comes the fun part. When you are done cutting the paper, slowly unfold it. You will see that you have paper dolls of the exact same shape and size on each portion of the paper. The dolls will be connected through the arms and feet.
  • Decorate the dolls. Let your child have fun and let him decorate each paper doll. Give each doll a unique look and personality by changing up the faces and design of the clothes. Use colored markers or color pencils to decorate each one.

Tah dah! You have just made a string of paper dolls! This is a fun project to make for United Nations day or Fourth of July. You can even make each doll represent a family member and make a string of family paper dolls.

Once you get the concept, you can go ahead and make other patterns. You can try doing it to make teddy bears, bunnies, octagons and even basic heart patterns. As long as you leave a portion of the pattern connected, you will be able to make a string.

Now wasn’t that fun?


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