How To Make a Sun Clock

One of the most fascinating inventions of history is the sun clock. It is interesting how people were able to tell time accurately by just looking at the shadows cast by the sun. Are you equally fascinated? Or are you just interested in knowing how it works? Below are steps on how to make a sun clock.

  1. Prepare the materials. The following will be needed in making a sun clock: downloaded clock diagram, a compass, cardboard or any flat and open surface, markers and a pair of scissors.
  2. Download a sun clock template. Now prepare the clock template that will be used by browsing the Internet and downloading a sun clock template. It is important to take into consideration your location because sun clock templates vary depending on location. A sun clock template especially made for a certain place may not be applicable to your place. So when downloading, make sure you are hitting the one for your place.
  3. Copy or print out the clock. You have two options on how to proceed from here. First is to print out the sun clock template and use it as the clock itself. Or, if you want to put designs on it or customize it, you can copy the necessary parts of the sun clock, leaving you enough space to furnish it with your own design. If you choose the latter be sure that you have enough space to accommodate the sun clock, like vacant open spaces, etc. You can also draw it in a piece of wood, or paper, whichever you prefer. When you decide to print it out, be sure to come up with enough size. Printing it in its actual size will always be best. The gnomon that you will need is also downloadable. You just have to print it out, cut and then fold it. Then insert this gnomon in the space provided in your sun clock template. This will serve as the hand that will tell you the time.
  4. Use a compass to locate a magnetic north. Now that the sun clock is basically complete, the next thing you need to do is locate the magnetic north. Use your compass in doing this. It is essential that you find the magnetic north, for this will be the basis in situating your sun clock.
  5. Design it the way you want it. Of course the last step is applying the designs you want. If you prefer copying the necessary aspects of the sun clock template in the wood, vacant space or paper, putting the design would be the final step. It would be the final touch before setting that sun clock. Note that a sun clock is usually late or advance by few minutes. 16 minutes would be earliest or latest it could have. When your clock exceeded this, there could have been a mistake in its position or measurements.

Doing a sun clock is exciting. You will surely be amazed to see how accurate nature tells time. You will realize that nature really has provided everything, from providing our basic needs to even telling us time. Making a sun clock is worth our time because of its educational benefits and the historical significance it has to previous societies. 


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