How To Make a Sundial for Kids


Thinking of a good project for kids? What about something educational? One good project that we can let our children do is by teaching them how to make a sundial. Doing similar projects is the best way to keep our children busy during vocations or holidays while educating them at the same time. For sure, nobody wants their children to spend time on things not so important. Below are steps on how to make a sundial for kids.

  1. Prepare the materials you need. The first thing you need to do is to prepare the materials you will need for the project. The following materials will be needed in making this sundial: pair of scissors, cardboard, paste/glue, compass, craft knife and a print of the two-sundial template.
  2. Search a sundial template in the Internet. Now upon preparing the needed materials, search the Internet for the sundial templates. NASA’s website provide good templates for sundial. Searching the Internet for sundial templates is an easier way of doing this project. Remember that the one who will do the project are just kids. They cannot definitely do a sundial from scratch. They will have to use a template for convenience. In printing the templates, consider the size. Ideally it should be between 6-8 inches in diameter.
  3. Cut the gnomon and fold it. Now start by cutting the gnomon part of the templates and fold it. This gnomon will be the one that will serve as your clock’s hand. It is necessary that in cutting and folding the gnomon, care should be taken that it incurs no damage. If it is folded several times because of error, or is cut poorly, the tendency is that it won’t stand strong once placed in the sundial. Remember that you will be placing this outside the house. A weak gnomon will fall in just a normal blow of the wind. If you can print it in a thick paper to make it stronger once folded, then the better. Or if not, you can paste it in a thin cardboard before cutting and folding. Thin enough to fit to the sundial’s slit.
  4. Paste the sundial template into the cardboard. Paste the sundial into a cardboard. This cardboard will serve as the base of the sundial, and so it has to be thick enough to support the entire project. Put in mind that this is an outdoor object, it should not be so light that it could be blown away easily by wind. Once it is glued, you can cut it out.
  5. Cut a slit into the sundial and insert the gnomon. The last step is to cut the slit of the sundial template. The slit should be wide enough to accommodate the gnomon. Then insert the folded gnomon into the slit. This gnomon will serve as the hand of the sundial that will cast shadow over it, telling what time it is. In putting the gnomon, remember that it should form a right angle with the bottom of the sundial, or the base.
  6. Design the sundial. Once the sundial is formed, let the children design it with their favorite cartoon character. To give your children enough space to draw, you can just copy the essential parts of the sundial into a clean sheet of paper instead of using the printed copy. This will allow him to design the sundial the way he wants it.

You can keep your children busy with educational projects like this. Their time during vacation and holidays need not be spent entirely on stuff like computer games. In making a sundial, they can have both the enjoyment and learning at the same time.


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