How To Make a Sweater Bag Out of an Old Sweater

Do you need a new bag that represents your personal style? If so consider creating your own sweater bag out of your favorite last season sweater. Follow these steps to make a sweater bag out of an old sweater.


  • Old sweater in good condition
  • Fabric pen
  • Durable cotton fabric liner
  • Stick pins
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Sewing machine
  1. Prepare the materials. Wash the sweater and check for any holes or signs of wear. You want a sweater that is soft but will last. If your chosen sweater has a loose knit then consider tightening it up or "felting" the sweater by washing it in hot water to shrink the sweater. Once dry, lay the sweater out on a flat surface with the neck at the top and the sleeves extended.
  2. Cut into two sections. Use the fabric pen to draw a straight line from one armpit to the other then cut the sweater along that line to create two pieces.
  3. With the bottom piece, create the bag base. Sew a seam along the bottom edge of the sweater so you have a purse shape with three enclosed sides.
  4. Create the liner. Turn the sweater inside out. Use the sweater as a template to create the liner. Cut both sides of the liner fabric one-quarter inch smaller than the sweater bag exterior. Sew the liner so that the side you want visible is on the inside then pin the liner to the sweater bag. Sew the liner to attach it to the bag securely then turn both the bag and liner inside out so the liner fits inside the bag.
  5. Fold over the top edge. Create a half inch hem around the top of the bag. Sew the hem for a nice, finished edge.
  6. Attach the handle. Decide how long you want the straps to be then cut two lengths in the ribbon. Attach the ribbon to create a loop for the handle on each of the sweater sides. For added strength, consider sewing the ribbon on the inside of the top hem of the sweater purse.
  7. Get creative with extras (optional). If the purse doesn't speak to you as is consider embellishing it with some added fringe, decorative ribbon, buttons or sequins. Use extra decorative elements to make the bag more casual or to dress it up for an evening out.

Once the handle or strap is attached your purse is ready to wear. Take it out on the town or show your friends. You can make a fashion statement by cleaning out your closet and getting crafty.


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