How To Make a Table Lantern

A table certainly comes to life with exuberance and vibrancy once adorned with a fitting lantern. Table lanterns have long been used in homes, offices and other places as a means to lending an atmosphere of a certain season or holiday. For Halloween for instance, hollowed out pumpkins with small candles dominate most table tops across America and the rest of the trick-or-treating world. Carving this type of lantern isn’t that complicated. In fact, it’s so easy that even your child could even help out in the process.

Making a holiday lantern is a totally different story though. If you’ve seen a holiday table lantern, you would have probably seen how ornate and intricate the designs are. Craftsmanship and attention to detail should be absolutely taken intro consideration when selecting and making these pieces since the lanterns are meant to be looked at. When they’re on top of a table, they become important topics for conversation especially if you have guests coming over for the holidays. In the same way that  no one wants to be embarrassed for serving sub-standard food, no one wants to be caught dead with  second-rate decor.

If you’re naturally gifted with your hands and you like making things yourself, this project is definitely for you. It also doesn’t hurt that making it yourself is a lot cheaper compared to a ready-made lantern in the mall or specialty shops. Here’s how you make a table lantern:

  1. The whole idea of a lantern is to create a lot of spaces and panels where the light can shine through. For this purpose, you may refer to traditionally used designs (such as shapes of stars, animals or other objects that may have something to do with the given occasion or holiday). There are also ready-made patterns that could be bought from your favourite craft store.
  2. For a sleek design, you may buy panels of glass from the craft store. These shops usually have different kits meant to be used for manipulating the glass so feel free to let your imagination roam. Be inspired but make sure that you’re focused on a particular effect. Having a stained glass or an etched glass look could be a good idea.  The staining effect would make the lantern even more intriguing once the candle or lamp bulb is placed inside. To make the design simple and classic, go for a design that has four panels.
  3. Your glass lantern needs a solid base. You may use a piece of wood for this. Using a jig saw, cut the appropriate slots into the slab of wood to accommodate the glass panels. Use craft glue to secure the already decorated panels.
  4. To conceal the hinges of the panels, you may use either black or metallic tape. This would certainly make the lantern look a lot more expensive.
  5. Put a small tea candle in the space between the panels.  The candles used for aromatherapy kits would be perfect for this purpose.

This design is so versatile yet so easy to make. Even leaving the panels bare could still evoke a degree of sophistication and class. With one basic structure, you can prepare your table top for just about any occasion imaginable!


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