How To Make a Throw Pillow

A throw pillow is one of the easiest things to make and a great project for a beginning seamstress. These are some simple steps to help you make a throw pillow that can be made in less than half an hour.

  1. The first step is to decide how big you want to make the throw pillow. This will determine how much fabric you will need. A good measurements for a nice medium sized pillow is 18" by 18". Since pillows have two sides, you will need to get enough fabric to be able to cut these dimensions twice, plus an extra inch each direction for seam allowance.
  2. After you have determined how much fabric you need, you can buy your fabric. Throw pillows for a couch or chair are often a heavier upholstery fabric. They could also be a heavier silk, chenille, or cotton duck canvas. While you are at the fabric store, you will also need to buy the polyester fiber fill to go inside the throw pillow.
  3. The next step is to cut your fabric. You will need to cut out two pieces: one for each side of the pillow. You will need to add 1/2" to each edge for seam allowance. For example, if you want a pillow that is 18" by 18" inches, you will need to cut two squares that are each 19" by 19".
  4. To make the throw pillow, you will need to put your fabric squares with the right sides together. The "right side" of the fabric is what normally would be the outside of the pillow. You can pin around the edges if you need to. Use a sewing machine to sew around three sides of the fabric with your stitch line 1/2" from the edge. On the fourth side, sew it closed about halfway. You will need to leave the rest open for now so that you can fill the pillow.
  5. After you have sewn together the pieces of the throw pillow, you will need to turn it right side out. Use an iron to press open the seams. Then you can stuff the pillow with the fiber fill. After you have stuffed it nice and full, the last step is to close up the opening. This is best done with hand stitching. Use hidden stitch so that you cannot see it from the outside.

After stitching the opening closed, the pillow is done. Throw it on your couch and enjoy.


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