How To Make a Tie Dyed Skirt

A tie dyed skirt is a very quirky addition to any wardrobe. It has a distinct look and would never be lost in the shuffle due to being plain. Women who would dare to wear tie dyed skirts should be aware that such a piece of clothing can instantly turn them into the center of attention in a room or party. If you’re thinking of dressing up in tie dye, keep in mind that wearing it is a risk and you have to openly accept the idea of being looked at for extended periods of time.

This type of skirt would be most at home in a 70s themed or a hippie party but if you have the guts to wear it on a normal day, nobody’s going to stop you. As you would’ve assumed, these skirts (and the tie dye look itself) has represented the hippie/ flower culture of the seventies. It was a decade of many excesses and clearly, the use of color and dye is something that the people back then didn’t play safe with.

It would be easy to rummage through a thrift store to get a tie dyed skirt but that wouldn’t be too fun, right? Making it yourself would be more enjoyable and inexpensive. It’s not everyday that you get to make an article of clothing so why don’t you make your own?

For this project, you would need:

  • A white skirt, preferably made from natural material such as cotton so that the dye would easy cling
  • An assortment of dyes that you would want to use for your designs
  • Pieces of string or rubber bands
  • Small basins
  • Hot water
  • Clothesline

Here are the steps:

  1. Prepare basins filled with hot water. It’s best to use hot water to make sure that the dye would dissolve faster. This also makes the color stick to the fabric.
  2. Add the dye into the water.  Mix it up. You would have to add more and more of the dye until you get the shade or hue that you want.
  3. Prepare your skirt by tying rope at various parts of the dress. You may create stripes or concentric circles with your design. Keep in mind that the parts of the skirt that is covered by the strings or bands would be left white and free from dye.
  4. Dip the skirt little by little to the dye. Make sure that each panel or stripe is dipped on an alternating or different color for the full effect. Keep in mind that certain dyes would create a totally different color when mixed. For instance, if you dip the fabric in blue dye after dipping it in yellow dye, you’ll get a shade of green. These overlapping colors give the tie dye design its own unique signature.

Tie dyed skirts aren’t exactly what’s in right now but they could be worn by anyone who wants them as long as it’s occasion-appropriate.


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