How To Make a Tissue Paper Corsage

The uniqueness of a gift they say comes in simple wrappings. Why not try your hand and creativity with a tissue paper corsage? Flowers can come in different forms and add flair to any occasion. However, if you’re on a shoestring budget, these corsages can make up for the lack of fresh flowers. Not to mention, these flowers are easy to do and make for accessories—as small tokens for parties for little girls (tie the corsage with ribbon to wrap around on the wrist), for the bridesmaids, or as decoration for theme parties/weddings. They can be made into wreaths in groups/clumps.

  • Materials. Colored and patterned tissue paper, floral wire, floral tape, a pair of scissors, silk ribbons of your choice, a safety pin or corsage pin
  • Folding the tissue. Fold the tissue paper in half, and follow through by folding it accordion-style. You may fold two, three or more differently colored and textured tissue paper for a fuller effect. With a piece of floral wire place this flatly on the middle part of the folded tissue paper and twist the wire tightly enough to secure it ever so slightly just crimping the tissue. Avoid crumpling the tissue paper. Cut the wire close to its ends. Finishing this makes the job half done!
  • Wrapping it up. Gather up the opposite edges of the accordion-style tissue paper and with floral tape in one hand, wrap the floral tape around the crimped part of the tissue as base of the flower. Imagine how long you want the stem to be. Ideally, wrapping around three or four times makes for a thicker base until you find the right thickness you want covering approximately 1 to 1-1/2” of the tissue’s end to serve as the stem. Proceed until the end has been covered and then cut off the excess of the floral tape. For a more natural look you may add on cut out leaves from green colored tissue paper and wrap around the base part securely with floral tape.
  • Finishing touches. If you wish to glamorize this simple handmade corsage, razz it up by cutting through the petals with a pair of pinking shears to make a carnation like allure. Funky colors or a ‘party feel’ call for brighter colored tissue paper. Spreading out the petals with the tips of your fingers makes these flowers appear in full bloom. How about putting a “fragrance” on each corsage flower? A special touch would be to spray lightly with a hint of violet for a calming effect or better yet the bride’s special choice of fragrance. Tie a silk ribbon at the thicker part of the stem and cut ends to the desired length.

Now the only thing left to do is attach a small pin at the thicker part of the base of the corsage. How’s that for the perfect flower project? Other styles to make up for the variety of shapes and textures of flowers, is by combining slightly thinner and thicker rectangular folded accordions to gather up. See the colored and textured tissue paper come alive with these great ideas!


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