How To Make a Top for a Knit Hat

Knitting is a method of making cloth and other fine crafts using thread or yarn. It consists of stitches called loops. These stitches are connected progressively to make a product, which is oftentimes a garment. Knitting dates back to the first millennium A.D. in Egypt with cotton socks as the earliest known knitted products.

A knit hat is one of the pieces you can make from knitting. There is a hole on top of the hat when finished. You can keep it that way or add something to it. Pompoms and tassels are commonly used as tops for knit hats. Just follow the steps below in making either of these.

To add a pompom:

  • Gather the materials. You will need yarn or thread (whichever is used for the hat), cardboard, scissors, and crochet hook or tapestry needle.
  • Decide on the thickness and size of the pompom. The thickness and size depends on you. You can go for a small or large one and you can decide whether it is moderately thick or a really thick one. Just make sure you have the enough material for the pompom.
  • Make the pompom. Cut a piece of cardboard or stiff paper a few inches more than the length of the pompom. If you want a 3 inches pompom, cut the cardboard about 3.25 inches long. The width of the cardboard should be 4-5 inches. Wind the yarn around the cardboard. The thickness depends on how many times you wind the yarn. Cut a 12 inches long matching yarn and slip it through the wound yarn. Tie it tightly. The tighter the tie is, the thicker the pompom appears. Cut the yarn on the opposite side of the knot. Shake the pompom and trim uneven yarns. Do not cut the knot you tied.
  • Attach the pompom to the knit hat. The extra yarn used in the knot tied earlier will be used to attach the pompom to the hat. Thread one end to the tapestry needle or crochet hook. Insert the needle or crochet hook into the small hole on top of the hat and knit stitches. Take the other end of the yarn, insert it into the small hole, and tie it with the other end you used to knit. Tie it tightly several times and cut the ends.

To add a tassel:

  • Gather the materials. You will need yarn, yarn needle, scissor, and square of cardboard. The larger the square, the larger the tassel than can be made.
  • Make the tassel. Wind the yarn around two sides of the cardboard. Just like the pompom, the more times you wind the yarn around, the thicker the tassel will be. Cut the trailing end of the yarn, and cut another tail of yarn to slip through the wound yarn. Tie it tightly. Cut yarn on the opposite side of the knot. Using the yarn you tied, take the two free ends and wrap it around the tassel about 1 inch below the top of the gather. Tie it a few times until it won’t come loose.
  • Attach the tassel to the knit hat. Cut another strand of yarn and attach it to the tassel. Stitch the other end of the yarn to the hat.

It’s not only pompoms and tassels that you can put on top of your hat. There are a lot more designs you can add. After finishing the top, you can now wear your hat!


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