How To Make a Toy Car Out of Junk

Little boys love playing toys. There are different toys that you can buy for your kid like toy guns, toy soldiers and toy version of their favorite cartoon characters. Most often, a toy car is also one of the most favorite toys of boys. If you have a kid who loves toy car, you can make a toy car together so he can play with it. You can use materials that you no longer use or you’re already about to throw. This is not only good for the environment because this is a form of recycling, but this can also be a time to bond with your kid and develop his creativity. If your kid is drinking milk, you can use the carton to make a toy car. If your other kids had projects in school and they used styrofoam, you can also use the scrap to make a toy car. Here’s how you can make a toy car out of junk.

For a toy car made from milk carton, follow the steps below

  • Prepare the things you need. These are milk carton, glue gun, glue stick, ruler, two dowels, marker, scissors and four lids to use as wheels.
  • Measure the sides of the carton 2 inches from the bottom. Mark these using a marker. Measure the sides of the carton 3 inches from the top. Get a dowel and insert it from one side at the bottom, which has a mark going through the other side, which also has a mark. Get another dowel and do the same on the top marks. The dowels will be the axles where you will put the wheels.
  • Place a hole in the middle of each lid big enough to insert the dowel. Put a glue stick on your glue gun and apply glue on the holes. Put the lids on all ends of the dowels so that you will have the wheels of your car. If you’re doing this with your child, you can let him. However, do not let him near when you’re using glue gun because this is hot. You can make a small hole in front of the carton where you can tie a string so your kid can pull the toy car.

For a toy car made from styrofoam, follow the steps below:

  • Prepare the materials you need in making the toy car. These are scrap styrofoams, dowels, string, lids, glue, marker, cutter and paint.
  • Draw the shape of the car on the styrofoam using the marker. Use a cutter to cut the shape. Trace this so that you will have another car shaped styrofoam, which is identical to the first. You will use these for the sides of your car.
  • Make the axles of the car by inserting the dowels on the front part and back part of the two styrofoam cars. The styrofoams will now be side by side connected by the dowels with space in between. This is where you will place the floor of the car.
  • Cut a rectangle that will fit in the middle of the two car shaped styrofoams. You can put more dowels between the two styrofoams to make it easier for you to put the floor. Put glue on top of the dowels so the floor of the car will stick on these. Place the rectangle so the car will have its floor.
  • Poke the middle of the lids to make holes. Apply glue on the holes and insert these on all ends of the front and back dowels. These will serve as the wheels of the car.
  • Cut another piece of Styrofoam for the roof of the car and using glue, paste the edges in between the two sides of the car. Use the marker and paint to design the car. You can draw car windows and doors on the sides to make it look even better. Once done, tie a string on the front dowel so your kid can pull the car.

Your kid can have different kinds of toy cars from junk around the house. He can share these with his playmates so he can enjoy these even more.


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