How To Make a Tree Mosaic

Planting trees and waiting for them to grow can take a lot of time and energy. So to make your own tree the faster way, create a tree mosaic. A mosaic is essentially creating an image out of an assemblage of smaller pieces. Creating a tree mosaic or any other mosaic is a fun group activity that anyone and everyone can participate in. However, while creating a tree mosaic may be easier and faster than planting and growing a real tree, it still requires a lot of work, depending on how detailed you are. But detailed or not, it will always be fun. Here are a few steps that will help you make a tree mosaic:

  • Imagine. Before you start creating a mosaic, think first what you want your tree to look like. What features will it have? Do you want a regular tree or a fruit tree? Do you want it to be an ordinary green and brown colored tree full of leaves or is it a tree in fall or winter? Take these things into consideration. Think also of the color you want your tree and the background of the tree.
  • Create your outline. To help you in making a tree mosaic, create first an outline of your image. Draw the shape of the tree and use this as a reference. Make sure to draw a big tree so you have more open space you can fill.
  • Grab your colored paper/material. Gather the material you will use. It is easier to make mosaics out of paper so use construction paper or art paper. Use the color of paper you want to use and cut out small squares of the paper. After cutting out your squares, set them aside.
  • Start pasting. This is the hard part of making any mosaic. Ask your friends or your children to help you paste the squares in the appropriate parts of your drawing. Make sure to paste the necessary colored squares in the right spots of your drawing. Try to use up as many squares as you can. Also, try to make sure to not leave any spaces between squares. After you have filled in every space of your outline, set your artwork aside to let it dry.
  • Just some reminders. As mentioned, making a mosaic is a fun group activity. You can do it solo but it would be so much easier and more fun to do it as a group. Of course, you can make mosaics of a lot of other things besides trees. Just always remember to make an outline first. You do not always have to use small paper squares. You can use stones, sequins and other decorative objects. Lastly, be as creative as you can be!

After following the steps mentioned above, you now know how to make a tree mosaic and, for that matter, any other mosaic. So when you are bored at home because of a rainy or snowy day or want to do something as a family or as a group of friends, always remember you can make mosaics.


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