How To Make a Trumpet Mute from a Bottle

A trumpet mute or any other musical mute is a device that is used to change the sound of an instrument. Mutes affect the instrument’s timbre, the instrument’s volume or both. It is a very invaluable device because it does not simply decrease the sound produced of a trumpet or any other instrument, but it also creates a whole new sound. Of course, purchasing professionally made trumpet mutes is highly suggested; creating your own can work too. Because of its bottle-like form, you can create your own trumpet mute from a bottle. The following steps can show you how to do it:

  • Obtain the necessary materials. As hinted by the title of the article, you will be making a trumpet mute from a bottle. However, you can use any bottle: glass or aluminum, it is greatly encouraged that you use aluminum bottles because it has more advantages. First of all, aluminum bottles do not break as easily as glass bottles, making it less dangerous. Also, glass mutes affect the instrument’s resonance and also the mute’s durability as time goes on. It is easy to obtain aluminum bottles. Just ask some from liquor stores or convenience stores for some empty bottles. Or you can purchase your own drinks in aluminum bottles and just finish the drink. Next, find a suitable cork. You can use craft cork or a better alternative is sheet cork because some sheet cork is specifically made for professional crafted mutes. You can find some in art supply stores or art supply sections. It is commonly found near the stamp supplies part.
  • Prepare the materials. Make sure your cork is at the least, less than half an inch thick. Afterwards, cut the cork into three pieces, each more than an inch and half long a third of an inch wide. Make sure that the three pieces are identical in shape and size and both have straight edges. Next, smoothen the cork using sandpaper and make sure to wipe of the dust off after. For the aluminum bottle, make sure to wash it thoroughly inside and out. Also remove all the labels completely from the outside of the bottle. After, start stirring and mixing the epoxy.
  • Creating the mute. Using the epoxy, attach the cork pieces evenly to the neck of the bottle with the flat side facing down. Make sure to glue the cork pieces on one by one so it is easier to manage. Set aside the finished product so the epoxy fully dries up.
  • Some reminders. Make sure to follow the instructions of the epoxy to the letter. If you do not, it will mess up your mute. If you are not content with the sound your mute makes or are not comfortable with its position, you can still sand the corks to make it smaller and more comfortable.

By following the simple steps mentioned above, you have now made your own trumpet mute. Now you have just enhanced your trumpet playing prowess by adding the mute. You have added to your skills and if mastered, can become a great trumpet player.


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