How To Make a Unique Pencil Holder

Pencil holders should do more than just hold your pens, pencils and other knick knacks—they should also look good while they are at it. You can add a personal creative touch to the lowly pencil holder by learning how to make a unique pencil holder. For this project you will need to:

  1. Decide on what your pencil holder should look like or let the materials you have or pick out decide the design for you. Either way works just fine because the whole point is to get your creative juices started and envision your project.
  2. Get your materials and workspace ready. This will let you more or less have all the materials you need close at hand when you get to work. The most important things you need are materials you can use for a container, decorative materials, cutting materials and strong glue. In fact, you may already have these materials at home or in the office. Help mother nature by recycling paper cups (this is great stuff but it may not be sturdy enough as a pencil holder if you want to use it for a long time), used cans (clean them and make sure there are no sharp edges), small cardboard boxes, or old wide mouthed glass or plastic bottles, or a chipped ceramic mug as your pencil holder. Whether you want your pencil holder to stand out or blend with the design in your office or home depends on the decorative materials you will use. You can use your your own pictures or words and pictures cut out from colourful paper of glossy magazines, old buttons, cloth, popsicle sticks, twigs, beads or paint for this project. It is entirely up to you. Be creative and resourceful. There's no need to go out and buy these materials if it can be helped. Pick and clear a well lit spot where you intend to work on your little project and keep the stuff you need close by. If you have kids there, make sure sharp and other dangerous materials like cutters and hot glue guns are out of their reach but in your plain view so you can avoid accidents to them and to yourself while you are busy working.
  3. Attach your decorative materials to the main container using strong glue, following the design you had in mind. For an old feel, glue on old newspapers or old phone directories or old black and white pictures to your container, keeping the edges smooth and without air bubbles. Paint with clear or stained varnish as desired. For a rustic and natural vibe, glue on shells or small dried out twigs, covering the entire container, varnish, then let dry. Or you can paint the entire container as desired, let it dry and use it as it is or glue on decorative pieces. Once the materials are all set, you now have your unique pencil holder.
  4. Make several compartments if you like, for a really unique pencil holder. Glue together two or more containers to make several compartments for your knick knacks.  You can glue their bodies together or glue them to a secure base (such as a cardboard or a wooden base), then decorate.
  5. Put your pencil lead, erasers and pencil sets in your new pencil cup and set it on your pencil desk for all to admire! Enough said.

Now that you know how to make a unique pencil holder, you may never have to buy a bland and boring pencil holder ever again.


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